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Is Barbados the new hot vacation spot for 2009?  I feel sooo ahead of the game having traveled there a few weeks ago since now a whole barrage of celebs seem to be following suit.

Apparently anticipating the influx of travelers to the gem of an island, both JetBlue (Oct 09) and Air Jamaica (summer 09) announced new flight routes from JFK to Bridgetown today.  Rihanna is back there this week and has brought gal pal Katy Perry with her,  setting off every gossip rag trying to figure out if they’re new BFFs. And according to her twitter, New York’s favorite Voguette/fashionista/socialite Lauren Santo Domingo is also on the island and with a bag full of S/S Proenza Schouler.  We’re sure she’ll be the most stylish on the beach.

Just in case they’re reading TDO, here’s our recommendations below:

1. Spicy Beef Salad from The Cliff.  Friendly to everyone’s tastebuds and waistline.  I’m not sure how one can make beef salad taste so good, but I swear I’ve never had a better salad in my life!

2. Ibiza Champagne Cocktail from Scarlet (pictured above).  This former chattlehouse is now one of Barbados’ trendiest night spots.  Located across the street from The Cliff, it’s an easy place to stop by before or after dinner.  It’s probably smart to stay away from the Bajan Ice Tea (white rum, brown rum, spiced rum, old rum, sugarcane brandy) if you’re drinking before your meal. All the cocktails are delicious but the Ibiza champagne cocktail is my favorite.   It”s made from Hendrick’s gin, melon liqueur, mango puree, elderflower cordial (love anything with elderflower in it), litchi juice and champagne.  As they say, it’s a full on Ibiza style party! The second best thing?  $1USD = $2BBD so every drink is really only 50% of what it looks like!

3. Barbados Polo Club.  Don’t worry about what’s going on in Florida, these horses are healthy and friendly.  Even my first time on a horse, I survived and hit a few balls.    Plus there’s something much sexier about polo in Barbados than Florida (or even Bridgehampton!)

4. British Porridge for breakfast at Fairmont Royal Pavilion.  Before my first breakfast in Barbados, I had no idea what British porridge was and frankly didn’t think I liked any kind of porridge!  Good thing I was operating in the “try everything” mindset because it was delicious!  It’s served cold, creamy and slightly sweet.  I would’ve eaten a whole bowl if I didn’t have an entire tableful of platters to try.  The last day on the island, I didn’t get to grab food at my hotel and am obviously still thinking about it.


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