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Even though I’ve been working on developing a healthier lifestyle, I’m not always sure what to cook.  To be honest, most of my at-home meals are pretty bland.  For example, I’m having plain steamed broccoli and shrimp for lunch today.  Ok I don’t even know if they go together but it is microwave prep friendly- which sadly is why I made it this morning.

But when I’m not in such a rush, I actually like to try the recipes from my latest obsession: WomenHeart’s ALL HEART Family Cookbook. Being healthy isn’t just about watching your weight which I feel a lot of us young women forget when we try to shed pounds  by doing detrimental things to our bodies. For example, I finally gave up fake sugar and decided to opt for limited quantities of the real deal instead of ingesting chemicals.  And I would never, ever do the Atkins Diet again. The All Heart cookbook isn’t necessarily focused on losing weight- but it is focused on eating nutritious foods that’s good for your heart and body.  The weight loss, of course, follows when you eat a truly healthy diet.   The book contains over 170 recipes- most that I still have to try but have enjoyed reading about and looking at pictures of.

Here’s the best part- WomenHeart is giving the book away for free if you send in 6 Sara Lee proof of purchases on qualifying products. Otherwise, it’s under $20 at

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  1. Nina  |  16 April 2009 at 7:30 AM

    I always want new cookbooks. This one looks great! Emphasis on heart health is good.

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