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I’ve found that springtime and being in your mid 20’s has meant one thing: multiple bridal showers and the emergence of wedding season in full force.  As friends have found love, my friends and I have been subject to being more bridemaids and maids of honors than I can count, resulting in lots of trips of Bed, Bath, and Beyond, plentiful manual labor involving cutting the crusts off those pesky tea sandwiches, and the dreaded ‘what to do for the decorations?’ question.

It’s not easy finding practical and beautiful decorations for a bridal shower that won’t detract monetarily from the amount you’ll end up spending for the wedding gift, which is why I was excited to find these homemade pom poms from Martha Stewart.  My friend, Katherine, came up with the ingenious idea of using Martha’s pom poms for a bridal shower she was responsible for decorating, and the effect was chic and cheap.  The materials only include tissue paper and cloth-covered floral wire, both of which can be found easily and affordably at your local craft store.

You can make the pom poms in any color tissue paper you can find  and hang them up to add some color to the room.  Best of all, it’s incredibly simple to make so that even your significant others won’t mess it up–trust me, these pom poms will win against  the “I won’t help you, because I’ll mess it up” argument.   After the bridal shower is done, you and the guests can even take these pom poms home–after all, they’re just too pretty to throw away.

Read on here to see the exact directions for how to make these hanging pom poms, as well as a napkin ring version.


  1. Nina  |  29 April 2009 at 9:05 AM

    what a great idea! those look so pretty and cute.

  2. The Daily Obsession  |  29 April 2009 at 11:20 PM

    i think i’m going to try this out at my next event! 🙂

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