Accessories, ShoppingJust Cavalli today on Ideeli

Online sample sales are usually hit or miss- like when they have products that still start way in the hundreds. But Roberto Cavalli’s Just Cavalli Accessories line goes on sale today up to 72% off and  starting at just $42 on Ideeli. I actually bought a Just Cavalli dress 2 days ago and am now in the market for some accessories. The sale includes shoes and handbags so I’ll be hitting up Ideeli at 11am (EST) sharp!

Starting this week, Ideeli also announced a new 14 day return policy.  Very good news for compulsive shoppers like me.

Boston, FoodSweet Opens in Harvard Square

I’ll be first to admit that I have a serious obsession. A cupcake obsession. While New York City was on the forefront of the cupcake boom, the Boston cupcake market was basically non-existent. Sure, most bakeries sold decent cupcakes in their list of offerings, but there weren’t any solely cupcake-dedicated boutiques in the city. That is, until last year, when a little slice of heaven appeared in Back Bay. Sweet, Boston’s first cupcake boutique, opened to the joy of thousands of Bostonians who had the same obsession and cupcake fantasies as I. Why wouldn’t they? HOW couldn’t they?! Cupcakes are perfection; tasty, cute, portable, come in a wide variety of flavors, and you can eat more than one (or at least I can!) and not feel bad about yourself.

Sweet is dedicated to using only the finest ingredients, including Madagascar vanilla beans, Callebaut and Bensdorp chocolate, as well as organic carrots in their Organic Karat cupcake which is topped with an edible gold leaf. From little touches like cupcake inserts to keep your cupcakes sturdy while being transported, to complimentary cards, ribbon, and birthday candles, Sweet takes every little detail into consideration.

With the success of Sweet’s first location comes a second location in the heart of Harvard Square. This store has as similar look and feel to the original in Back Bay, with dark brown wooden floors, fun brown, pink, and white wallpaper, clips of Mary Antoinette being shown on the flatscreen TV, and funky jazz beats in the background. Sun streams through the floor-to-ceiling windows as one can sit at one of two tables and enjoy their sweet treats while relaxing with friends or people watching on the Square below. Sweet is elegant, classic, and trendy all at the same time. READ MORE

FashionObsession of the Moment: Modern Amusement Date Halter Top

International, TravelAcapulco Anyone?

Mexico is just can’t catch a break these days. Acapulco has been on my radar to visit since I was like 12 and learned that it was the most glamorous holiday spot for all the Hollywood starlets back in the 1950s. Even the Kennedys honeymooned there.

It’s obvious that the city is trying to bring back its once legendary status. I’ve been seeing features pop up in numerous travel magazines and learned that just last week, they newly formed an Acapulco Destination Marketing Office to raise awareness for potential travelers.  Despite worries about safety in Mexico, I put the city on my shortlist of places to visit. Plus, the travel gurus over at The Jet Set Girls assured us that it was safe.

But now, I’m worried enough about this swine flu situation in New York City- never mind have any desire to head to the source of the troubles. Then news just broke a couple hours ago that Acapulco was rocked by a 6.0 earthquake. Pretty quickly, the city went from my A list to..not.

Mexico certainly has a slight PR crisis on its hands right now. What do you think? Would you travel there? Have you been recently and have any recommendations? I’ll be honest- Acapulco has fallen off my list for 2009, but hopefully next year will be better for them!

Beauty, MakeupMaybelline Dream Liquid Mousse

I’ve definitely been on the hunt for a summer/darker foundation now that I’m actually getting some color thanks to my recent vacation in Barbados and this wonderful sunny weekend in NYC.  (Plus, I have an upcoming trip to  Paradise Valley, Arizona where I expect to get even tanner.) So this morning, I did what any beauty editor would do. I tried a $60 super luxe foundation on one side of my face and an $8 drugstore find on the other side. Besides making me late for work, this morning experiment revealed something very important: even when it comes to foundation (which most people consider an investment category), sometimes the frugal find works out better than the Sephora splurge.

The amazing product? None other than Maybelline’s new Dream Liquid Mousse Airbrush Finish. I love the super smooth, almost whipped texture that easily blends into the skin. The product is neither oily nor sticky and provides solid coverage and a very natural finish that’s matte yet soft. I can’t say that my skin looks airbrushed (only my holy grail foundation has that level of all around perfection) but as far as the under $10 category, I’m pretty sure Dream Liquid Mousse is as good as you’re going to get. READ MORE

Accessories, Cheap & Chic, ShoesStep into Summer

It wouldn’t be summer without sandals, and this season, I’m on a mission. I want need to replace several different old, worn down sandals in my closet, but I’m on a budget, so under $50 a pair would be an ideal price. First up, I need new flip flops. Flip flops are my go to during the summer, and Havaianas are my favorites. Sure, you could find slightly cheaper flip flops elsewhere – but they won’t be as comfortable as Havaianas. The rubber doesn’t rub and chafe against your feet at all! The Gap actually started carrying them, making them much more accessible and still at a relatively affordable $18. There are a variety of bright colors, and I love the bright royal blue. I can walk for hours in these comfortably and they really do last (my Havaianas from 2 or 3 years ago are just now wearing down). READ MORE

Beauty, MakeupSee Thru Lips

I’m really picky about lip color, but when I tried MAC Cosmetic’s new See Thru Lip Colour from A Rose Romance collection, I was instantly hooked.  This jelly-like lip stain is so fun and fantastic!  

Packaged like a lip gloss, this lightweight stain provides transparent color onto lips. I have Secret Crush, which is a sheer berry hue that gives your lips that natural berry kissed look. The scent smells faintly of vanilla (like most MAC lip products) and when applied, feels cool and wet to the lips. However, it’s not sticky and dries quickly. Also, I love how it’s done in the traditional gloss format because you really don’t have to look in the mirror to apply.  Lastly, though it does wear off, the color does last for an impressive amount of time and wears off slowly. I’m totally obsessed with this and might just have to pick a few more colors up…

Retails for $14 at

Boston, Fashion, ShoppingPinkyotto

Pinkyotto is Boston’s latest addition to the fun and frenzied Newbury Street shopping scene. Originating in New York City, this is Pinkyotto’s fifth location and the only outside of the City. Pinkyotto prides itself on providing funky, one-of-a-kind trend -forward pieces at affordable pieces; nearly every accessory and article of clothing is under $200.

I stumbled upon Pinkyotto after a leisurely lunch at one of my favorite outdoor patios, Stephanie’s on Newbury. One of the first things I noticed while browsing through merchandise is that there are no sizes. Everything is “one size fits all”. The owner explained that when they opened their first location, they were extremely limited on store space. and wanted to provide their shoppers with a wide variety of clothing, so rather than limit their design, it chose to limit sizes.

I quickly began rummaging through the racks of florals, lace, gauze, dresses, tunics- you name it, they have it. I had an event that evening and was looking for something funky and offbeat without sacrificing my typical classic and preppy style. I selected a variety of different pieces including a ultra short chiffon leopard dress, white lace 3/4 length sleeve tunic, and a simple black pocketed dress with an oversized bow on the front. READ MORE

Dining & Nightlife, Food, Hotels, International, TravelBahamas? Bermuda? Barbados!

Is Barbados the new hot vacation spot for 2009?  I feel sooo ahead of the game having traveled there a few weeks ago since now a whole barrage of celebs seem to be following suit.

Apparently anticipating the influx of travelers to the gem of an island, both JetBlue (Oct 09) and Air Jamaica (summer 09) announced new flight routes from JFK to Bridgetown today.  Rihanna is back there this week and has brought gal pal Katy Perry with her,  setting off every gossip rag trying to figure out if they’re new BFFs. And according to her twitter, New York’s favorite Voguette/fashionista/socialite Lauren Santo Domingo is also on the island and with a bag full of S/S Proenza Schouler.  We’re sure she’ll be the most stylish on the beach.

Just in case they’re reading TDO, here’s our recommendations below: READ MORE

Beauty, MakeupCoral Returns

There are few things I love more about summer makeup trends than the coral lip. It’s easier to pull off and more universally flattering than say- the bright blue eye shadow I discovered yesterday. Every year a new batch of coral lippies come out but it’s hard to find ones that are a deeper brownish- coral which works with most people’s complexions without being too orange. My top lipstick pick this summer is Paul and Joe Beaute Lipstick in Belle Epoque (30).

It looks ridiculously orange in the image and Dermstore describe it as a warm shade of “orange-red” In the tube, it’s much more of a rosy brownish coral with a slight glossy sheen. It contains quite a bit of pigment and goes on a very rich color on the lips. (One reason I love coral more than peach is because peach is so light it washes me out).

My top lip gloss pick is MAC Dazzleglass in Utterly Posh, which is part of the MAC Double Dazzle collection that will be on counters and online April 30. It’s more orange-coral with less red than the Paul and Joe but packs a lot of sparkle. I love it for a fun, wet look with a lot of pizzazz. Since it’s a gloss it’s more sheer and has less staying power so I almost always layerthe gloss over the lipstick which produces that rich, multidimensional coral that makes your lips look like they belong on a makeup ad.

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