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Every month I make myself a mental list of things that I want to buy.  This month, Tom Ford sunglasses are at the top of my list, as are potentially booking an upcoming vacation in May.  Always at the top of my list is teeth whitening, and I hope to one day get Zoom Whitening—but until that day, I’ll settle for trying out Rembrandt’s 2 Hour Whitening Kit.

I timed my try out of Rembrandt’s 2 Hour Whitening Kit on a Thursday night, so that I could sit through an episode of Ugly Betty and Grey’s Anatomy and emerge with whiter teeth.  The kit was refreshingly easy to use, containing two ComfyTray applicators, which are plastic upper and lower teeth mouthtrays.

Before beginning the treatment, you need to soak both of the applicators in some warm (Note: NOT boiling water) to soften them.  You then put these applicators to your teeth to mold them to your shape.  Each kit also contains 8 ampules of whitening gel, which you fill the applicators with and then apply to your teeth.

Each ampule lasts for 20 minutes, and the most effective way to use Rembrandt’s treatment is to take a 10 minute break between each 20 minute application, bringing your total usage of the product to 2 hours.  After Grey’s Anatomy, I checked out my teeth in the bathroom and happily found them to be about 2 shades lighter and at $18.99, who can beat results like that?


  1. najeema  |  5 April 2009 at 7:54 AM

    Now I want to try this out! Did it cause any sensitivity in your teeth or gums?

  2. Amanda  |  5 April 2009 at 8:08 PM

    I totally had this in my hands this weekend but I backed down and got regular Whitestrips because I’d heard horrid tales of sensitivity during and after use. I take it you didn’t experience this?


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