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Tech got even sexier last night as the fashionable crowd descended upon a private space to celebrate the launch of the new T-Mobile Sidekick LX. While this phone launches in May, party goers had the chance to play with the prototypes scattered around the rooms. My friend Wendy over at Nitrolicious gave up her trusty BlackBerry the second she got there (as I discovered by frantically trying to BBM her as I was heading over, to no avail) and spent the entire night tweeting the play by play from her Sidekick. The verdict? Pretty cool and it comes with great twittering abilities.

On any given (week)night in New York, there are at least 2 or 3 parties on my radar but a lot of them end up being pretty blah. Occasionally, there’s a really fun fashion fete but mostly it’s too much of a parade of “who’s who.”  Not to mention, any possible cute guy you spot surely has his eye on the models mingling about to pay you any attention.  So it was pretty refreshing to head over to a tech party instead where the techies, geeks, media crowd, fashionistas and the cool kids all co-mingle without the pressure of figuring out which bouncer you have to sweet talk to get into the VIP area.  The other big change I noticed?  No one is scared to eat!  I, too, joined the crowd and got in line to make myself a heap of nachos.  There was also a hot dog stand and three bars in addition to the obligatory presentation of chichi h’orderves passed around by male models.

My date crapped out at the last second (he missed out) so I ended up hanging with some of my fav online editors gossiping about what else- the Internet.  Amazing how much party conversation you can get out of talking about the evolution of Twitter in the last 2 months. Regardless of the fact that we were celebrating a phone, no fashionista worth her weight would show up without her entourage (Jimmy, Diane, David, Karl, and Giorgio– that is).  I heard they had a good time too.

I was too busy drinking and chatting to take many pictures but a couple are below.  We didn’t get phones but I managed to snag an AMC gift card (kind of a big deal here in NYC).  Keep an eye out for more coverage from Nitrolicious.

Jordana, Sarah, Wendy, me

Wendy and I, excited about our popcorn gift.


  1. Jordana  |  22 April 2009 at 8:53 AM

    It was SO awesome hanging out with you at the event! Love love love this post! Couldn’t have said it better myself! Can’t wait for next time!

  2. Nina  |  22 April 2009 at 11:25 AM

    looooove the shooooees!

    i remember when i had a sidekick II. it was bomb but t-mobile service was non-existent in our building!

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