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Editor’s Note: This guest post today is brought to you by our friend Jennifer from YogaDeals. As you can tell by her blog name, Jennifer is the go-to person for yoga and fitness tips, the best deals, and cheapest happy hours (ok, you can’t really tell about that one, but we know from experience).  She’s also been a  lifelong health nut thanks to her mom serving her whole wheat bread back when no one even knew what that was. Today she shares a cheap find that helps you locate delicious and healthy food in Manhattan for locals and visitors alike.

In New York, each neighborhood is blessed with a variety of cuisines and price points on every block. But when it comes down to it, New Yorkers are not exactly known for their ‘home cooking.’ Instead they have been given the unique gift of enjoying the tasty fruits of some of the world’s most amazing culinary artists. Sadly, tastiness usual comes with a guilt-ridden calorie count, and now with obesity (and vanity) levels rising, even New Yorkers, the very ambulatory society, are still looking for healthier options that don’t require a cooking class.

[enter: Clean Plates NYC]

Clean Plates NYC is a new guidebook to healthy eating without sacrificing flavor or neglecting your taste buds for those who are not into just nibbling on bean sprouts and raw veggies. The love child of Jared Koch (nutritionist and wellness counselor) and Alex Van Buren (food critic), Clean Plates NYC showcases the healthiest, tastiest and most sustainable restaurants in Manhattan, with 75 reviews and a list of 200+ places to satiate your palette, all packed into a guide that is compact enough for purse toting. Healthy but not tasty enough? Then it didn’t make the list. Yummy in your mouth but not in your stomach? Definitely didn’t make the list.

Clean Plates NYC retails for $13.95, which also includes full access to, and they have offered an extra 10% off to us TDO readers (use code: bendy)! The interactive site features updates on the openings and closings of Jared and Alex’s favorite restaurants, user forums and a database of all restaurants featured in the book. One of TDO’s favs: Pure Food and Wine made the list, though no surprise there.

There’s also a mobile application of Clean Plates NYC, for getting restaurant listings the restaurants on-the-go, which is $9.95 alone or just $2 if purchased with the book. All purchases through their site will also include free shipping! A delicious deal to save us all from eating poorly – you’ll thank yourself when you hit the beach this season (Memorial Day is only days away!).


  1. Sara  |  19 May 2009 at 5:33 PM

    This is fantastic! If only they had a Boston version!

  2. jennifer  |  19 May 2009 at 7:24 PM

    i think they are planning on more cities!!! so i am sure boston will be on the short list of upcoming cities 🙂

  3. Alfred  |  20 August 2009 at 1:32 PM

    Yoga and happy hours are a deadly combination.

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