Recently, I’ve been driven crazy by my boyfriend. While I appreciate his efforts to try to minimize noise and use headphones when I’m working, his pair were simply horrible.  He might as well not use them at all since I could still hear the music from the other room.  I was determined to find a new pair  – mostly to save my own sanity. I turned to the great people at Ifrogz, who had a great selection to choose from. 

From their EarPollution collection, I decided to try out the Nervepipes, which are fully customizable. You can choose from a variety of colors and patterns for six parts that make up the headphones.  (On the right is an image I customized; my boyfriend went for a navy, silver and red combo.)  The best part is that they’re only $35, which is so affordable. The sound quality is pretty decent, the fit is comfortable, and best of all, it helps zero out noise – so no longer can I hear my boyfriend’s music from across the room anymore (while he’s still wearing headphones).

I was so pleased with the Nervepipes and curious about their other offerings that I ended up trying another product from their site — The Bomb, which are portable speakers. I used these for a recent event and they worked out really well.  I loved how cute these are and how well they traveled. The ball twists apart into two pieces, thus creating speakers that prop themselves up. You can connect it to your iPod or your laptop for instant play, and the sound quality is fair for such tiny speakers. It’s also powered by USB or AAA batteries – so you can use whichever one you prefer! They come in six fun colors like bright green or pink (I have the light gray/white combo – which I think matches rather well with my Macbook). Truly, these are so convenient that next time you’re wondering how to get blast music for a outdoor party…just grab a couple of these and you’ll be all set!

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