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Felicia Sullivan, as a person and as my friend, is awesome! So awesome, that she critiqued my grad school application essays for me the DAY after I met her. So awesome that her memoir got optioned into a movie.  Hellooo Sundance- we’re coming!  There’s a picture of her being my hot date at a fashion party last year.

In addition to being (obviously) a talented writer and deeply introspective and insightful person, Felicia is just plain fun, kind and cool.  We’re always gossiping and chatting about beauty, fashion, FOOD, and the lack of qualified men in New York City. And if I ever need some serious advice, she’s my go to gal.

If you believe in karma, this is a true sign of how fabulous the cosmos think Felicia is:  she won a free pair of Louboutins once.

Plus, she always replies to my emails within 5 seconds with hilarious stuff like:

“Baby, I’m on the elliptical, but there is a decent pic of me on my about me page.  Sent from my iPhone. ”  Someone who emails during the gym?  Definitely a kindred spirit.

Her memoir, The Sky Isn’t Visible From Here,  came out in paperback last week so we’re going to get together and celebrate soon.  Probably with cupcakes or dumplings (maybe at the same time) followed by some consignment store shopping (or weeping over things we can’t buy).

The book is, of course, an amazing read.  She has a fluid and lyrical voice and a compelling story that won’t make you want to put the it down.  Literary critics have a lot of positive things to say about Sky so I’ll just add this- I think you should read it so you can also get to know a bit of the Felicia that I’m lucky enough to see almost every week (usually at a salon or other hair event- read the book and you’ll get why).

Plus, on the last page of her book, Felicia lists TDO as one of her favorite sites.  And just when we thought we couldn’t love her more…


  1. alison blackman  |  1 May 2009 at 12:02 PM

    I just met Felicia at an event the other day. She’s charming, intelligent, and a real foodie. I didn’t realize she also wrote books…the latest is really well done!

  2. Felicia  |  1 May 2009 at 3:12 PM

    Thank you so much, guys!!! I heart you all. xoxox

  3. shopdiary  |  2 May 2009 at 7:44 AM

    i ? felicia. you’re lucky to consider her a friend of yours. i should pick up her book soon (i’ve been meaning to…).

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