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ONE. AG Jeans The Joey 50 Medium – There’s nothing I love more than a pair of good jeans (as evidenced by the many, MANY pairs that are hanging in my closet). I wear all the different cuts – I have skinny jeans hanging next to boot cut next to flare bottoms. This summer, the boyfriend jean is taking over and I’m dying to own a pair, especially this Joey cut from AG. I love the perfectly faded color and the lived in feeling that the small rips give them. They’re loose and baggy, so they’re perfect for the more casual atmosphere of the summer, and since you can wear them rolled up or down, I can pair them with both heels and flats without having to get them tailored. Unfortunately, $349 is too much even for a rabid denim fan like myself to justify, so until they go on sale (or I win the lottery!) this pair will be staying at the store to tempt other jean addicts. – Stacey

TWO. MZ Wallace Jane Shoulder Tote – My recent travels have showed me the importance of having a great travel tote. While some people breeze through the airport effortlessly fresh, I’m usually tired, disheveled, and unorganized. What I need is a bag organized enough so that I can keep my travel documents and wallets safe and tucked away, but still looking cute. The Jane Shoulder Tote from MZ Wallace is definitely my ideal travel tote – it has many pockets for organizing, and is roomy enough for essentials plus any extras. The soft nylon material will survive tucked under a seat, and the shoulder strap drop is long enough to fit comfortably under your arm, easy for lugging around. I just might try to save up before my next trip to snap this one up! – Ninaicon

THREE. Orchidee Imperiale Facial at Guerlain Spa, Waldorf Astoria –  Even among all the high end spas in New York, few treatments top the uber-luxe Orchidee Imperiale Facial at the Guerlain Spa. I was lucky enough to experience it pre-Fashion Week this year and it kept my skin glowing throughout the shows and stress and beyond.  My aesthestician also told me that this was the preferred treatment of the Saudi Arabian royal family when they’re on property. The two hour treatment starts with the signature Spa Chakra foot soak (while sipping on Waldorf specialty champagne, of course) and also includes a brow wax and mini massage.  The treatment name is derived from the products used in the facial- Orchidee Imperiale by Guerlain where daily moistuirzers go for $400 and anti-aging treatment kits sell for $1500! I could definately go for another one of these facials, but the $600+ price tag will leave it on my lust list for now. – Carolyn

FOUR. Amazon Kindle – I’m convinced that Amazon’s latest version of the Kindle needs to be in my life.  I first heard about it when Oprah raved about it on a show last year, and have been enviously looking at people reading them on the subway and even last week, on the beach when I was in the Bahamas. The Kindle is the perfect palm size, comes with an embedded reading light, adjustable text size, an automated dictionary to look up words you don’t understand, and also wireless internet access so that you can download new books, issues of magazines, subscriptions to your favorite blogs, and US and international newspapers. Best of all, the Kindle storage device can hold hundreds of reading material, with space for over 1,500 books, guranteeing that you never get bored.  I’m a bit of a polygamist when it comes to reading material, so the Kindle would have come in handy when I wanted to switch from my reading my salacious unauthorized tell-all biography of Anna Wintour to reading Lisa See’s latest, Shanghai Girls, or the latest Pulitzer Prize winner.   Since you can hold so many books on one device, no one can see what you are reading, so you also have the added benefit of reading trashy romances (author Susan ELizabeth Phillips is a guilty pleasure of mine) or teenage vampire books, without judgment from strangers for your taste in books.  If I had a Kindle, I probably have saved myself some embarassment, by not being laughed at by the Strand information desk when I asked for Twilight and he told me it was located in the Children’s section. – Kathleen

FIVE. Rubie Green East Village Bedding – I am obsessed with the pale pink zig zag print of the East Village bedding! It’s pretty and girly, but not too fussy. Moreover, it’s made of 300 thread-count organic cotton and printed with eco-friendly ink, making it a purchase I could feel good about. I would love to get my hands on the duvet, sheet sets and shams to mix and match with existing bedding, but since the full set would cost over $500, these sadly will have to remain on my wishlist. – Connie


  1. TH  |  5 June 2009 at 8:32 AM

    I need to have Amazon Kindle. Last time I was reading my guilty-free (and my brain can only handle so much on the train ride) Daniel Steele, the conductor kinda smiled at me: “you like those??”. I know he didn’t mean anything but from then on, I tried to conceal the cover as much as I can.

  2. Mary J Moore  |  5 June 2009 at 11:51 AM

    I love, love that tote, which would serve as a large purse as well. How anyone can get through an evening with just a tiny hand clutch is amazing to me, I must have all the essentials should a sudden invite come my way to go to Europe or Tahaiti!! Another advantage of this great tote is you can carry this on your shoulder. I so covet this tote.

  3. Natalie  |  12 June 2009 at 8:56 AM

    I just bought the most amazing pair of b/f jeans at The are comfy and worn, and best of all they haven’t faded. They are my new fave obsession and for about $50 they’re a steal!!!

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