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If mimosas are a standard part of your weekend morning routine, you may want to consider this alternative: David Kirsch Energy Bubbles. The truth is, if that Eggs Benedict or French Toast weren’t already wrecking havoc on your body, the concoction of champagne and OJ will do the trick. In fact,  I have yet to meet a single nutritionist who thinks that drinking fruit juice is OK. Keri Glassman, my go-to resource for all my diet needs, says 4oz a day of juice is the maximum anyone should consume- and only if it’s a must!

So my first step towards a healthier dietary makeover was giving up the Tropicana but I also didn’t want to fall back into drinking Diet Cokes ( I peaced out on soda more than a year ago). My beverage choices basically became Pelligrino, water or um, Pelligrino/water with lemon so I was really excited when I discovered Kirsch’s Energy Bubbles, an effervescent citrus flavored drink that is packed with vitamins and a blend of caffeine, yerba mate leaf, ginseng root and green tea leaf extract.  This dietary supplement also preps you for your workouts as it fuels your body with more energy to hit the treadmill for longer periods of time.

The first time I poured one of those test tubes into my 16oz glass of water and took a sip, I balked at the slightly medicinal taste of the drink.  Energy Bubbles does not contain any sugar but does use sucralose, an artificial sweetener that I am sensitive to..  However, that unpleasantness went away after the first glass as I got accustomed and now I don’t detect any kind of odd flavor in my drink. It actually tastes like slightly less sweet (and non-alcoholic) version of the mimosas I used to enjoy!

So what are the results? I don’t feel any bloating or heaviness from consuming this product and it acts as a hunger suppresant as well.  Though Kirsch recommends 1-3 servings of Energy Bubbles a day, I only drink one a day a few hours before gym time. I feel a lot less tired during my workouts and the drink seems to alleviate the discomfort of lactic acid buildup in my muscles.  David Kirsch actually has this hour-long intense cardio prescription he advises for people with my body type and I feel like this supplement helped me complete it without wanting to die.  It’s kind of an amazing feeling to be sweaty at the gym but energetic.

The downsides?  For me there’s only one- which is that the product contains sucralose.  I’m pretty anti artifical sweetners but it keeps the calorie count low and I don’t think anyone would drink this if it weren’t sweet tasting.  Despite that, I’m a huge fan and have incorporated this supplement into my daily routine.   For more information, check out David Kirsch Wellness.


  1. Candy  |  4 July 2009 at 7:17 PM

    Have you ever tried Steaz Sparkling Teas? I love the orange flavor and there’s no artificial sweeteners. I usually find it in Whole Foods.

  2. Julia  |  11 August 2010 at 11:01 AM

    DK’s Energy Bubbles is a citrus-flavored energy blast! It gives me that afternoon pick me up, that’s for sure.

    Try the new and improved formula! No more sucralose. Stevia is David’s natural sweetener of choice, and a healthier alternative to sucralose.

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