Fashion, ShoppingSunday Brunch Dress

I’ve mentioned in one of my earliest posts that I have a bit of an obsession with dresses, and I’ve just found the most perfect website that caters to exactly what I want.  If there was such a thing as a mom-and-pop website, the Sunday Brunch Dress Shop would be exactly that, with a small, online shoppe featuring a finely picked collection of just dresses.  It’s a disservice to the buyers of Sunday Brunch Dress Shop, to call their selection “just dresses,” as their store features some of the most beautifully wrought styles of dresses seen on the web in a variety of price points, featuring better to lesser known designers, and a wide variety of feminine styles. READ MORE

BeautyOral B Pulsonic: The “Just Right” Brush

I recently became huge fan of the Oral B Pulsonic. I switched to this toothbrush a few months ago when my old electric brush got all gunky in all the places where the parts screw together.  Immediately, I loved the lightweight  feel of the super slim handle (it brought me back to the days when I used traditional brushes) and I found the size to be just perfect to take along when I’m traveling (though I wish it came with a case).

Even at 27,000 vibrations per minute, I found that the brush felt gentler on my gums which is nice if you’re sensitive.   I’m a bit mindless when I’m brushing my teeth so I like a brush that is simple, easy to use, and gets the job done without excessive bells and whistles.  After years of using gadgty brushes (with huuuge handles), I was really happy to pare down to the basics.

The Pulsonic is also a great starter brush.  It is priced at roughly of other leading electric toothbrushes though it delivers the same in latest sonic technology.  For someone who doesn’t want to spend in the hundreds for an electric brush, and the swirly (and loud!) Crest one just isn’t doing it for them, check out the Pulsonic on– priced at only $55!

Fashion, IntimatesGoing Commando

For the slinkiest of dresses for which even a Hanky Panky shows through, try going Commando with Commando Intimates’s line of precision cut underwear.  The lightest, and most invisible underwear I’ve ever tried, Commando Intimates is made out of a patent pending material that is a silky cross between cotton and pantyhose that is positively weightless.

Making panty lines impossible and the dreaded muffin top obsolete, this underwear feels like next to nothing, and comes in a variety of styles, such as bikinis and girlshorts, and colors.  For the most invisible effect, the nude thong works best and unlike the Hanky Panky, comes in a variety of sizes so that it conforms better to your body. I’ve had friends that have used this from everything to bandage-type minidresses, figure hugging bridesmaid dresses, and sexy transparent lace wedding dresses, and we’ve all praised Commando for its comfort and its staying power–you won’t be fidgeting at any point while wearing these.

Commando Intimates is also easily machine washable, although I recommend putting it on the delicate cycle and line drying to prevent exces wear and tear.  At $20, you can find Commando Intimates on their website and also a variety of specialty lingerie stores.

Beauty, SkincareHampton Sun

I must regretfully admit that I have never been to the Hamptons. I have been invited a few times but could never break away long enough to get there. I have this mental picture of calm, beautiful beaches, stylish men and women, and sleek evening cocktails. Everything about the Hamptons, in my mind, spells luxurious. 

Ironically enough, this summer a favorite item in my pool kit has been Hampton Sun SPF 30 Luxurious Lotion. As soon as I came across the sunscreenr, I was hooked based solely on the relationship to my dream vaycay spot. Now after a few months of using this sunscreen, I can assure there is more to lure you in than just the name. This lightweight, ultra great smelling sunscreen  is infused with Vitamins A-E, jojoba oil, antioxidants, aloe vera, and moisturizing ingredients, creating a lotion that not only protects you from the harmful effects of the sun, but also gives you healthy, glowing skin.

I must also admit that until a few years back I didn’t take sunscreen seriously. I was of the camp that thought you couldn’t get a tan if you wore sunscreen and what’s more important in summer than a great tan? I shudder to think of what those sunscreenless years did to my skin. Luckily, I have seen the light since then. That being said, I am still quite picky about the sunscreen I use. It must be non-sticky, fast drying, hypo-allergenic, and dermatologically tested for me to even consider. Hampton Sun is all of the above and more. Inspired by the Hampton beaches and created for those people who love the sun just not the potentially dangerous side effects, Hampton Sun SPF Lotion allows you to create the most beautiful tan of the summer with no long term repercussions to worry about.

Go ahead and take in the rays; just bring Hampton Sun along! Get your bottle at

Beauty, HairThicken Your Hair

My hair isn’t super thin, but it’s not exactly thick either, so whenever I stumble across products that promise to help make it look thicker, I instantly want to try them.  That’s how I discovered Ookisa.  Their Hair Thickening Systéme combines modern technology with the knowledge that’s been gained from hundreds of years of Japanese beauty rituals.  Every Ookisa product contains something called the Hana-Senzai Energy Blend, which is a mixture of Eastern botanical extracts that’s used to create beautiful, healthy hair.  It includes:

  • Kaou (White Peony Tea) to soothe and condition
  • Yuzu (Japanese Citrus) to promote brilliance and radiance
  • Tsubaki (Camellia Oil) which helps increase luminosity and volume
  • Niiro Cha (Rooibos Red Tea) to enhance circulation
  • Yuri (Water Lily) to calm and moisturize the scalp

The Hair Thickening Systéme contains four topical products:  Nighttime Follicle Renewing Serum, Fortifying Shampoo, Replenishing Conditioner, and Instant Volumizing Souffle.  I tested out the shampoo and conditioner and I was really pleased with the results. READ MORE

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Chicago, Dining & Nightlife, HotelsChicago Under the Stars

Now that summer is here in Chicago, I pretty much want to spend all my time outdoors. The weather is finally nice, and I don’t think there is anything better than hanging out with friends, drinking wine up on a roof under the stars. Chicago’s rooftop bar scene is definitely getting better and better, and these are the places that are on my radar this summer:

Vertigo Sky Lounge, pictured above, is located atop the Dana Hotel at 2 W. Erie St. and opened late last year. The outdoor lounge area is about 1000 sq ft and wraps around the building with 12 ft high glass and amazing views of State St. Vertigo serves its own specialty cocktails, like the delicious-sounding Honey Bee (Flor de Caña dark rum, lime juice, and Acacia honey) and Peach Pussycat (Maker’s Mark whisky, peach schnapps, pineapple juice, and cherry). And if you’re hungry, light bites from the Dana Hotel’s ajasteak restaurant like sashimi and Vietnamese banh mi sandwiches are available. DJs spin an eclectic mix of music on the weekends, so be sure to hit it up (Wed.-Sun., 5pm-2am). READ MORE

Hair, New York, Spas & SalonsBalayage at Mizu

Who: Miguel Angarita

What: Balayage style highlighting

Where: Mizu Salon, New York 505 Park Ave.

When: M: 10-7, T-Fri 9-8, Sat: 9-7

Why: Because highlights should look so natural that no one asks if you’ve gotten them.  They should look like this, not this.

Before heading out to the Hamptons last Saturday, I first paid a visit to my new favorite Park Ave Salon: Mizu. I had heard of the Boston salon from Sara, who had named it one the swankiest in her city, so when I needed a little emergency hair color, I immediately thought to call up the newly opened Manhattan location. I had gone months without a color touch up and gotten to the point where I was tempted to Photoshop my hair before posting pictures. As I was hoping to impress the polo players, I realized that two inch roots was not a good look.

The salons, opened by Elan Sassoon (as in Vidal’s son), boasts a sleek, modern all white interior and brings New York’s downtown design to a discerning uptown clientele.  Even on a Saturday morning in the summer, the space was bustling with activity- yet as expected, service was quick, friendly, and attentive.

I was lucky to have been taken care of by Miguel Angarita, a friendly, non pretentious and incredibly talented colorist.  I gave him the ultimate task- the same one that I ask of every colorist- to remove all the red pigment from my naturally dark black hair, work over 3 years of nonstop color (including impulsive box coloring in my bathroom), and deliver a Milla Jovovich-esque light ashy brown with golden highlights.  Check out the before and after below! READ MORE

Fitness & HealthBody Language

If wearing sports sweats to the gym is not your idea of a good time, you should check out Body Language, a new line of workout clothes from LA that makes going to the gym just a bit sexier.

The product line accommodates a variety of fits and impact levels for your body shape and activity, but each piece has a little extra detail- a cutout in the back, a scrunch in the middle- to glam it up and set it apart from what everyone else is wearing.

The Barbara Top, for example, might not be optimal for cross training, but would add some serious heat to your downward dog. The Fani Top, on the other hand, provides enough support and coverage for the highest impact sport, but has a sexy cutout detail that not only shows off your hard-earned toned back, but also allows your skin to breathe when you’re sweating on the treadmill.

Over in cami land, the Zorro style is my favorite because the detailing in the back gives it that Herve Leger va-va-voom.  I’m also a big fan of their shorts, which are short and very sweet.  However, their long pants are rather low rise so I would attempt only with an already toned stomach.

To find your best fit, go to

Beauty, MakeupTantalizingly Bronze

I love powder bronzers.  Even during the winter when I’m pasty and pale, I use one over my foundation to give me a touch of color.  But apparently I haven’t been using the right ones because the first time I tried LORAC’s new TANtalizer Baked Matte Satin Bronzer SPF 15, I was struck by how much better it looked than any others I’ve tried recently.

It’s a mineral-based, baked formula that you can apply wet or dry (I like the way it looks dry the best).  It goes on super smoothly and without any obvious streaks and it leaves behind the most gorgeous bronzed glow.  I seriously look like I’ve just spent a week on a tropical island sipping blended drinks whenever I put it on.  You can also use it to contour or highlight specific areas on your face, and the SPF 15 is a welcome bonus.  I would never skip my normal sunscreen, but I feel like the TANtalizer SPF just gives me an extra added layer of protection.  It has a touch of shimmer to it, but nothing overwhelming (it’s totally appropriate for daytime wear).  My one piece of advice when you’re applying is to use a very light touch with it.  A little goes a long way and you don’t want to over-bronze.

If you’re looking for even more incentive to buy it, go check out the reviews at  It has a perfect 5 out of 5 stars and I can’t remember the last time I saw that.  Go now and put it in your cart!

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