Paper GoodsLinda & Harriett Say Thank You

Recently, I had the occasion to send thank you cards to my some of my colleagues and supervisors for writing recommendations on my behalf. I wanted to be able to show some thought and appreciation that a plain card wouldn’t convey, so I turned to my go to paper goods and stationery brand–Linda & Harriett. I love L&H for its quality card stock and unique designs, sophisticated with just the right touch of whimsy. Here are the 3 different thank yous available, from left:

All the cards feature gorgeous calligraphy by Brooklyn-based calligrapher Jenna Hein and are $4.50 each. Or, pick up all 3 for $12.15 for 3 perfect ways to express your thanks.

Accessories, JewelrySnooze with Pendants

Though I know they’ve been a trend for some time now, I’m really into the look of crystal geode pendants right now. Perhaps it is because summer is here and I feel the need to inject color into my wardrobe. When I saw that Snoozer Loser had a selection, I went over to their site to check it out.

My first pick is the Druzy Amethyst Geode. I love this gorgeous slice of geode with crystalline amethyst in the center, and then hand-dipped in gold. It’s earthy, but still elegant and understated. For a burst of bright pink, try this gorgeous Pink Agate Pendant. I think it would look so fabulous layered with other skinny gold chains. Lastly, the Amethyst Slice Pendant is a perfect for any boho girl.  The mini amethyst slice has a feather-like or paintbrush effect, which I think is kinda cool.

View the full selection over at

Beauty, Eco & Organic, HairOrganix Lavender Soymilk

Last year, I raved about Organix, a line of hair care products that focus on organic active ingredients. The products work really well, smell so good, and are free of sulfates. I tried Pomegranate Green Tea, but this year, Organix introduced a few new collections.

What’s my new go to shampoo and conditioner? It’s the Fortifying Lavender Soymilk, designed to strengthen your hair (which is especially good for long hair like mine). It smells like calming lavender notes, and the lavender essentials help to soothe hair follicles. The soymilk proteins strengthens and conditions, leaving your hair feeling silky smooth. As always, the Organix packaging is eco-friendly and made from recycled materials.

Look for the Fortifying Lavender Soymilk collection at your nearest drugstore, or read more about it at

Beauty, SkincareBrighten Your Eyes

I’ve been keeping some weird hours the past few months, which means that when I do sleep, it’s not usually restful and rejuvenating.  I’d been noticing that I was getting some seriously dark under eye circles that my normal eye products weren’t making a dent in, so I decided to test out a new one that had been in the “Things I Want to Try” pile in my closet.  (Yes, there really is one!)

Kumaara’s Luminizing Eye Treatment is a thick white cream that you apply to your eye area twice a day – I’ve been using it underneath my concealer in the mornings and after my toner and serum combo at night.  It has a very rich texture, which is great because it means that a little goes a long way and the .5 ounce jar will last you for a long time. (I’ve been using it for over a month now and have barely made a dent in it).  The cream is very lightly scented so it won’t overpower your nose when you apply it.  (That might sound silly, but for some reason, I find that out of all my face products, eye ones always smell the worst.  Isn’t that weird?)  Kumaara recommends that you give their products at least a 60 day trial period to see their full effectiveness, but after 5 weeks, I can definitely see the difference under my eyes.  The dark circles are much less prominent and the skin is definitely not as puffy as it was before I started using it.  Overall, I just look much more well-rested and a lot less haggard, which is good because haggard definitely isn’t a word I want applied to me at this stage of my life!  I knew that I was seeing results, but I got proof last weekend when I was out with a friend and she even commented on it, saying that I must be back to a normal sleep schedule.  I just laughed and directed her to the Kumaara website.

For more information about Kumaara products, visit

Accessories, Beauty, Insider's ObsessionsInsider’s Obsessions: Richie Rich

Fashion Designer. Musician. Artist. Author. Pop Icon. All can be used to describe Richie Rich, whom fashionistas everywhere will recognize a one half of former design label Heatherette.  He also crossed over into beauty in 2008, designing a capsule collection for MAC Cosmetics.  Since the breakup of Heatherette, Rich has been working on various projects including the release of his first album, Celebutante- a term that he is certainly no stranger to. READ MORE

Beauty, SkincareThe Wonderbar

The Wonderbar is a multi-tasking facial soap that just may perform wonders on your skin. Manufactured in Malaysia, it contains natural Heilmoor Clay and Chlorey’nahre, which is supposed to work to cleanse, tone, moisturize, and soothe your skin. Sounds too good to be true? The kicker is that it should work on all skin types! The Wonderbar distributor in the USA contacted me to give this product a shot, and I wanted to share my results so far with you.

My skin tends to be dry and rather sensitive, and I do suffer from blackheads and pores on my nose with the occasional oily T-zone. I worked the Wonderbar into a lather, and washed my face like I usually would. I left the lather on my face for about 5 minutes, as directed, and then rinsed thoroughly. I didn’t think it dried out my skin, and it was a little bit like using a mask. After 2 weeks, my skin definitely feels softer and looks a lot more even. Although my blackheads haven’t completely gone away, my pores do look smaller. I’m going to keep using it, although I’m a bit wary of the detoxifying effects it might have, as short-term as those may be. I’ve read that people have even used it to treat razor bumps, so I think I may try that next on my legs.

A 25 gram size of the Wonderbar will last about 4-6 weeks, and set you back $40. It is definitely pricey for what seems like just a bar of soap–but its effects can actually end up replacing a lot of the other products in your stash. Check out for more info, and please share your results if you’ve already tried! In the meantime, I’ll continue to keep you posted on my results right here.

New York, TravelJourney into Space

Last night’s Louis Vuitton Lunar Landing star-studded celebration was an almost-party for me.  As it turns out, my invite got lost in the abyss of a cyber black hole,  sent to an email address that I had deactivated a few weeks ago.  But thanks to my Twitter feed and trusty Patrick McMullan, I’m all caught up on the fete, and even with the added benefit of not having a Moet induced hangover. The party, held at the Rose Center for Earth & Space, American Museum of Natural History, commemorated the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11 and welcomed guests such as Adriana Lima, Miranda Kerr, Whitney Port, Estelle, Jessica Szohr, and the second man to set foot on the moon- astronaut Buzz Aldrin (pictured).  Neil Armstrong, holds the title for the first.

Louis Vuitton, as you know, is a brand that is passionate about creating memorable journeys.  This fall, they have chosen the ultimate journey- space- as reflected in soon to be launching Fall/Winter ad campaign featuring Madonna.  Today, the Louis Vuitton Maison on New York’s 5th Ave is wrapped with the image of Buzz Aldrin, Jim Lovell and Sally Ride, declaring that “some journeys change mankind forever.” READ MORE

Boston, Food, New YorkIt’s Summer! Bring on the Beija!

A few weeks ago, I hosted a Summer BBQ with 10 of my closest friends in Boston. The BBQ was potluck style, and I was incredibly impressed with the array of delicious appetizers and desserts everyone prepared! While we’ve all begun experimenting with cooking, baking, and grilling, none of us were experienced with making cocktails. That is, with the exception of my friend Kevin Beardsley. Kevin just so happens to be the CEO of a new, fabulous spirit brand, was kind enough to provide the majority of alcohol for the BBQ and give us all a crash course on making Beija cachaça cocktails! READ MORE

Cheap & Chic, FashionSail Away

When summer comes around, it seems that I am easily swayed by anything with a sailing reference.  Right now, I’m totally enchanted by this BDG Boatneck Sailor Stripe Top over at Urban Outfitters.

Though it comes in an array of hues, the obvious classic navy and white combo is what captures my too-weak-for-sailor-anything heart. I love the barely there cap sleeve and even more so, I love how it’s not too obviously sailor-inspired and paired correctly, could even give off a French chic vibe (I’m think straight legged jeans, casually arranged scarf and flats).  You could even tuck it into a high-waisted skirt and add layered necklaces for a trendier look that you might be able to away with at the office this summer.

This shirt retails for $28 at At that price, you might be able to afford to snap up a couple of colors!

Accessories, JewelryLet’s Stay Together

Have you heard about Manic Trout? This indie jewelry line has been popping up on my radar here and there, and when I spotted it yet again earlier this month, I decided I needed to write about a piece from their line!

Designer Sierra Bailey began the line as extension of her artwork and soon found it to be a great avenue of artistic expression.  Her line is a mix of vintage romantic flair with colorful whimsy. My current favorite are her Let’s Stay Together necklaces, which feature three perfectly layered charm necklaces.  “I kept layering my necklaces, but was having a hard time finding multiple looks that fit well together, so I designed a triple strand necklace to accomplish the look with little effort!” says Sierra.

Though there are six different styles, my two favorites are the Sagara and Alena necklaces, which both feature tiny animal charms. The Sagara has a trio of whale, starfish and seahorse charms, mixed with turquoise and aqua touches.  The Alena has adorable lion, elephant and giraffe charms, in combination with olive, amber and smoke glass beads. Which one is your favorite?

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