BooksSo, You’re Going Through Twilight Withdrawal…

You finished the last of the Twilight book series, and you’ve watched the trailer for New Moon, but you just need something else to get you past your Edward Cullen fix.  If this sounds like a familiar situation to you, run to your nearest Barnes and Noble, to pick up Vampire Academy, the closest substitute to Twilight and the long departed, much beloved Buffy. Vampire Academy, was recommended to me by the younger sister of a friend, has all the elements that made Twilight and Buffy so addictive in the first place:

Embarrassing book cover art, and reading meant for a demographic much younger than your own?  Check, including a faux Angelina Jolie look-alike (making that Kindle all the more useful to conceal your book choices).

Interesting and fascinating descriptions of the vampire sub-world?  Check! Vampire Academy has that and more, centering on a whole academy of young vampire royals and their loyal Dhampirs, who are half vampire/half human  sworn guardians to protect the vampires against the evil Strigoi, vampires turned bad.

Touching female friendship?  Check! Buffy is to Willow as Lissa Dragomir (Vampire royal) is to Rose Hathaway (Dhampir.)

Forbidden love story?  Check!  I won’t give away the love story here but be on the lookout for the love blossoming between Rose Hathaway and someone else that is just as Edward/Bella and Angel/Buffy-worthy.

I breezed through the first book in just about 2 days and soon devoured the next 2 books in the series the following week after.  While  Vampire Academy lacks a very key Robert Pattinson, it makes up for it with zero Bella whining/angst in the books (exactly how many times can one hear Bella talk about how muscular Edward’s chest is and how unworthy she is of his love?)  And surely when this book becomes inevitably made into a movie, someone equal to People’s Sexiest Man Alive will be cast for the key role of Dimitri, Rose’s teacher and mentor — here’s hoping!

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