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I’ve mentioned in one of my earliest posts that I have a bit of an obsession with dresses, and I’ve just found the most perfect website that caters to exactly what I want.  If there was such a thing as a mom-and-pop website, the Sunday Brunch Dress Shop would be exactly that, with a small, online shoppe featuring a finely picked collection of just dresses.  It’s a disservice to the buyers of Sunday Brunch Dress Shop, to call their selection “just dresses,” as their store features some of the most beautifully wrought styles of dresses seen on the web in a variety of price points, featuring better to lesser known designers, and a wide variety of feminine styles.

Gossip Girl and TDO favorite, Lorick, is a frequent featured designer on the website, as are other designers like Mimi Turner, Mel en Stel, and Yoana Baraschi.  Each of their dresses is beautifully photographed against a stark black backdrop, all the better to see the details of the dress, with a multitude of photographs showing the dress from different angles.  Many of the dresses also feature photographs showing an actual person wearing them so that you can see how the dress falls, and if that isn’t enough, each dress description also includes a small personalized paragraph describing the fit and flow of the dress, in reference to their own personal  e-fit model, Chuck.

Chuck’s body measurements are given on the website, so you can judge what size you would be based upon the dress’s fit on Chuck.  A description of the above cobalt blue Mel en Stel dress for example, is described as: “The style is not meant to be tight. That said, Chuck can do a small or a medium, but prefers the small. The weight of the Flemish Linen makes the whole dress hang just right. The width of the tank is so that the armpits don’t cut in like some sleeveless tops can. And the blue!”

Due to demand and a sharp buyer’s eye, occasionally the dress you yearn for may be out of stock, however, inventory is frequently replenished and new dresses are added to stock at all time, so I check back often and frequently for new things.

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  1. Rebecca  |  1 March 2010 at 11:20 AM

    Love Sunday Brunch – so many gorgeous ethereal dresses!

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