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I discovered this new wallet-friendly brand of skinny jean while browsing the annual end of Summer Saks Fifth Avenue Sale, and pleasantly surprised upon trying them on to find that it fit my dual fit criteria of both forgiving stretch and flattering fit.

Before I go on to extol the virtues of Blank Denim, let me first explain that it’s rare for me to find a jean brand I truly like, let alone a skinny jean, thanks to my 5’3 frame and generously hippy figure.  Jeans that often fit me in the hips gape at the waist and are loose enough in the thigh.  In addition, I have muscular calves, so I need to find skinny jeans that aren’t too “skinny” and ones that aren’t too long, so that they don’t lose their shape when altered.

Blank Denim does a good job of balancing stretch and fit, for maximum comfort and style.  The easy stretch of the denim fabric makes the jeans feel akin to leggings, and the fit is tight enough to hug your curves, but not so tight as to actually look like leggings. As a sizing tip, you should go down one or two sizes when picking out your jeans as the stretch is very flexible.

The back pocket fit also looks great with a simple rock and roll-esque row of studs across the back and no other visible ostentatious stitching.   Blank Denim also has the key to good flattering back pockets with ones that are not set too far out, but are set just perfectly in the middle.

Best of all, Blank Denim is offered in a variety of colors every season.  While I got my pair at a very shopper’s high price of $32, they normally retail for within the $60-70 region depending on what type you get, which is less than half of what I traditionally spend per pair.  This means I can stock up for the upcoming Fall by picking out fun colors.


  1. Kristina A  |  5 August 2009 at 5:23 AM

    Any other jeans you can steer me towards that I can check out? You were almost describing how jeans always fit me, except for the thighs – mine are full right along with my hips. Joe’s Honey Booty don’t gape in the waist on me but they are pricier and I have to get them hemmed (I’m 5’2″), so if you know of any other reasonably priced options I’m all ears!

  2. Kathleen  |  10 August 2009 at 6:17 AM

    Hi Kristina,

    I like the cut of 7 for All Mankind’s A Pocket jeans, and also their wide leg Dojo fit. I also like Paige Jeans, and I find that they have a great all around fit that flatters almost everyone. I like their Laurel Canyon fit, although you might need to size up one since their jeans are pretty rigid.

    On the lower end price scale, I like Gap’s Long and Lean, and I would also check out these Levis Connie mentions in her Editor’s Closet post ( That’s her wearing them in the pic and I think they look great!

    Let me know if that helps at all or if you need more suggestions.

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