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Check out these beautiful watercolor prints from Etsy seller, Aliette, with their gorgeously muted rainbow hues and storybook-esque illustrations.  I’ve been visiting her page for a while, and I’ve been impressed by the new whimsical designs she comes up with every season for their fanciful, dreamlike quality.  Unsurprisingly, her designs also appealed to my Francophile self, as her profile indicates that she is a graphic designer from France.

When I finally do buy an apartment of my very own, I plan to decorate my walls with her framed prints. She sells her prints individually printed on high quality paper for a very reasonable price of $24, or in a set of 4 for $80.  What do you think of her delicately etched drawings?  They remind me of the kind of hidden and subtle beauty you might find in a cloudy day, with their multicolored and varied shades of gray and pebble interspersed with highlights of a  warm Fall color palette.

Visit her Etsy shop to see all of the prints she has for sale.

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  1. Susan McNeill  |  24 August 2009 at 8:40 AM

    I especially like the series called “spring.” I think her work would translate onto fabric really, really well!

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