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A couple weeks ago I was at my PR friend’s office and spotted this cool looking product being displayed on her desk.  Intrigued by the creamsicle look of the product, I went right ahead and opened it and dug my fingers in so she had no choice but to give it to me (just kidding. I asked first.) At any rate, the product that I was so curious about is the new Simply Ageless sculpting  blush by CoverGirl & Olay, and the shade I took, 220 seems to be the universally flattering color.

Now I’ll tell you that at age 24, I can’t vouch for the anti-aging benefits or youthful benefits of this product but that didn’t stop it from skyrocketing straight up to the top of my “Obsessed” list.  Olay Renegerist Serum is swirled into the cream blush which gives it an amazingly smooth texture while simultaneously providing moisturizing benefits. The product goes on very easily with a sheer dewy finish.  The blush comes with a sponge in a separate compartment, but I find that it works best when I just apply using my fingers.  Plus the contrast between the silky serum and heavier cream blush makes dipping your fingers into the pot almost a sensual experience.

The shades look darker in the jar than on your face but they build nicely so you can use as light or as heavy a hand as you wish.  I, personally, like a light glow so I just apply a little bit and it’s the most natural blush I’ve ever tried.  For those of you that desire the radiance of a cream blush but always feared the streaks and stains, CoverGirl Simply Ageless is the perfect product for you.  So genius, and available at your local drugstore for around $10!

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