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BlueBloodIt seems like every blog has a resident vampire/Twilight obsessee–in the case of the The Daily Obsession, it seems like I am it, given that I breezed through all of the Twilight books in one, highly unproductive holiday week, and routinely lend out my copies to coworkers and friends too ashamed to purchase their own.  For the record in case you are wondering, I am fully on Team Jacob, and not Team Edward, something about Robert Pattinson just doesn’t do it for me.

I’ve already mentioned in an earlier post that since Twilight ended, I’ve been moving on to other vampire oriented books, and my newest find is Melissa de la Cruz’s Blue Bloods series, a sexier take on teenage vampires, with an injection of NYC Upper East Side money and private schools, and added vampire lore and history tracing back to the Mayflower.  Blair Waldorf already has the sardonic wit and sassy, scathing put downs that make Gossip Girl such a hit: add some fangs and a lust for blood, and you have one of Blue Blood’s main characters, Mimi Force, a beautiful, ancient teenage vampire (or Blue Blood) who rules prestigious prep school, Duchesne.

Replacing Lonely Boy as the sympathetic protagonist who is preyed on by Mimi Force and her popular crew, is Schuyler Van Alen, the unpopular, wallflower who stands out among her designer bedecked classmates in her thrift store finds.  Number #9 on Entertainment Weekly’s listing of Top 20 vampire characters, the series follows Schuyler as she learns about her own Blue Blood legacy, while fighting two battles: her growing attraction to Mimi Force’s gorgeous, green-eyed brother, Jack Force, and her battle against the evil Silver Bloods, who are Blue Bloods gone bad and responsible for slowly killing off the teenage Blue Blood population around the world.

The books stand out from others for its descriptive world, which takes care to answer some of the smallest doubts in readers’ minds and makes the story play out like a movie in your mind. With its carefully, drawn-out backstory and plot, with the added glamour quotient of being set in NYC’s most moneyed neighborhoods, I only wish the CW had decided to make this into a series instead of The Vampire Diairies.  Blue Bloods is currently on Book 4, The Van Alen Legacy , which was just released last month.  I’m on Book 3 next, and can’t wait to get through the whole series!

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  1. Dee  |  28 October 2009 at 8:05 AM

    such a great series! i got the chance to meet Melissa & she’s such a wonderful person & writer. read the 1st & could no stop! enjoy!

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