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Flavored waters aren’t new to the market, but most of the time they seem to be carbonated and for some reason, I just never got on board.  However, I recently was introduced to twist, a non-carbonated brand, and was happy to try a few of their flavors. Well, apparently, after trying… I can now say that I do like some flavored waters.

Overall, the packaging for twist is fun, but still upscale and chic. The water itself has no artificial ingredients or preservatives; also each bottle is only 9 calories. (You’d be surprised by how much sugar and calories can be in flavored waters.) One of my favorites is the Mandarin White Tea, which has a hint of citrus, and just honestly is so yummy. (In fact…wish I had case of this flavor at my apartment now!) The other one that I’m favoring is the West Indies Lime, which makes me feel like I’m at a spa — you know, with their fabulous lemon/lime water they serve post-treatment. If you like flavored waters, this is definitely a must-try…and if you’re not, maybe twist will convert you!

The twist brand is not available in all markets yet, but visit for your nearest locations and for future distribution.

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