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Multi-tasking has seemingly become a part of everyday life. While I’m exercising, I’m also listening to my iPod. When I’m “watching TV”, I’m also on my computer. Even while I’m “doing work”, I often streaming Pandora… and have my TV on at the same time! In all seriousness, trying to juggle grad school, an internship, freelance jobs, and my social life can get quite hectic, and I’ve learned that impeccably planning my schedule and maximizing my time is KEY to checking off my to-do list. Many women struggle with balancing their personal and professional lives, but leave it to leave it to Suzanne Cats, founder of (the country’s first eye, lash, and brow beauty spa), to solve our beauty problems and create LuxLash BeautyLab, the destination for multi-tasked beauty services!

Between manicures, pedicures, hair care, spray tanning, and eyelash and brow care, us women spend a lot of time taking care of ourselves. LuxLash BeautyLab can help you with that, by taking beauty treatments that would normally take eight hours to complete and condensing them into three. Your foils set while your manicure, pedicure, and eyelash extensions are being applied. Additional services include body glow treatments, custom facials, and hand massages.

My Beauty Bar services began with a consultation with a hair consultation, courtesy of Edward Morgan, who you may recognize from Bravo’s Blowout! Edward and his team decided balance the cool shades in my hair with warmer tones more appropriate for fall, with only a slight trim (I’m trying to grow out my bob from last Spring). However, we did decide that I’m going “Beach Bitch Blonde” next summer! Honestly, I was hesitant about trying a new stylist, but am really loving my new look.

While my hair set in a deep conditioner, I was introduced to LuxLash’s renowned eyelash extensions! I’m lucky to have fairly thick lashes to begin with, so I was unsure how dramatic the results would be. After the application of over 60 semi-permanent lashes per eye, ranging in differing lengths and diameters, I fear I have become a Lash Addict. I currently have the most enviable lashes in all of Boston. Actually, probably on the East Coast (there’s a LuxLash in Beverly Hills). Not only are my lashes long, thick, and beautiful, but can’t even be felt! And since the lashes make such a boldĀ  statement on their own, there’s absolutely no need for mascara.

So for you time-crunched beauties who are looking for unbeatable services in record time, head over to the LuxLash BeautyLab at 232 Newbury Street in Boston. There’s also a second location at 9640A South Santa Monica Boulevard in Beverly Hills for the West coast gals! And as General Douglas MacArthur said, “… you win or lose, you live or die, and the difference is just an eyelash…”


  1. Karen  |  7 December 2009 at 8:24 AM

    Your lashes do look amazing! This place sounds really cool – they should open one in NY!

  2. Jill Heijligers-Peloquin  |  8 January 2011 at 5:44 PM

    Have you ever tried semi-permanent mascara? Promises to be the new hot topic for the New Year!

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