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Beta carotene and organic fruits and vegetables; sounds healthy, right? While healthy eats and taking our vitamins and minerals are important for our health and well-being, they’re also important to maintain our oh-so-healthy glow, good looks, and outward appearance. Combine these ingredients with dead sea minerals, and you’ve got Yes To Carrots, a natural and affordable line of hair and skin products.

The two products I “play with” the most in my beauty regimen are my shampoo and conditioner; I love trying different brands and scents at all different price points. For me, some of the best shampoos and conditioners have also been the least expensive. Containing organic pumpkin, carrots, and sweet potato, Yes To Carrots Pampering shampoo and conditioner didn’t create a luxurious lather as drugstore brands, but I’m willing to sacrifice super suds-and-duds for an organic, natural, and a parabin-free product, not to mention a dramatic increase in softness and shine in my hair.

What girl doesn’t have a lip balm in every coat pocket and purse she owns? If by chance you don’t (and even if you do), Yes To Carrots can help replenish your stock with an array of lip balms, glosses, and tints, all 95 % organic! While the lip butters are a great “staple” product, the lip glosses and tins (which come in an array of colors), are a natural alternative to traditional lipsticks. The Carrot Kiss lip gloss a delightful subtle shade with just a hint of sparkle and shine and complimentary to nearly all skin tones, while the Coral Sunshine Lip Tint is a great matte base coat.

Yes To Carrots products are available at many stores and online retailers including Whole Foods, Walgreens, and They’ve also partnered with the hottest airline, Virgin America, to offer a “How Could I Forget?” kit on all domestic Virgin America flights, which for $10, includes all your basic hair and skin necessities… and even a packet of VerMints! So in the “unfortunate event” your hair and skin products are confiscated by airport security, you have even more reason to try out Yes To Carrots! Your hair and skin will thank you.icon

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