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Not all candles, let alone soy candles are created equal. I’ve fully embraced soy candles recently because I can’t stand the black soot/smoke and wick trimming that come with their less-green counterparts (and admittedly, after watching Avatar, I decided I need to be a little kinder to Mother Earth.)

Past soy candles I’ve purchased were of the cheaper variety, and while clean burning, sputtered weak flames and didn’t quite emanate scent very thoroughly through my apartment.  I like my candle scents to be enveloping, without being overpowering; luxurious but without a $65+ price tag; and was recently introduced to Linnea’s Lights, a line of luxurious soy candles with a reasonable price tag that have become my new favorite hostess gift.

Grown from a family business that once started as a hobby, Linnea’s Lights create finely crafted, triple scented soy candles that are meticulously hand poured in small batches and tested for quality assurance.  The luxury is in the details with the 100% recyclable labels that are hand stamped with soy inks and subtle gold leaf, as well as the elegant scents, such as Yuzu, a blend of the Japanese grapefruit, with exotic fruits & watery greens; French Pear, evoking the scent of Anjou pear; and Sweetgrass, with clean fresh grass and voilets.  For convenience, a small box of high quality matches are packaged along with each candle, with are poured into heavy duty glass tumblers that look incredibly chic standing on their own.

I tried out the Fir fragrance, meant to channel the scent of a Frasier Fir.  If you like the smell of Christmas trees, this is for you.  During the holiday season in NYC, I purposely walk on the side of the street with the tree sellers even if it is out of my way just so I can get a big whiff so this candle was completely my calling.  Burning this candle in my apartment brought me back to a goodie of a holiday memory: doing my homework on the dining room table back home and being able to smell the crisp, fresh scent of the tree even as I struggled through Calculus.

Linnea’s Lights retail for $28 and can burn for approximately 60 hours. Visit their website to find more details about the different scents they offer and their retailers.

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