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Becki Singer followed her obsession with style and design to the world wide web, where she writes a blog called ShoppingsMyCardio. She started ShoppingsMyCardio in 2006 as a way for her to share her favorite retail finds, trends, sales and obsessions with everyone who stops by. (She previously was a contributing editor at TDO, so we know she has style and impeccable taste! She’s now also a freelance writer for media outlets such as design*sponge and Mankind Magazine.) Let’s find out what she’s obsessing over this month!

ONE. Jewels from Gemma Redux — This wouldn’t be a true obsession list without a piece I’m still coveting. I have yet to see a piece by this hip jewelry designer that I don’t adore, and dream of pairing with everything from a simple tee to the perfect cocktail dress. It’s no wonder her pieces show up on the set of Gossip Girl nearly every week…but I like to say I knew her when.

TWO. Coffee Table Books — Random, isn’t it? But with magazines going the way of the dinosaurs, I’m forced to get my fix of gorgeous, glossy photos in book form. It’s become something of an obsession, which is unfortunate (they can be pricey!). Taschen makes some of my favorite titles – especially for daydreaming about glamorous travel. But hands down, my favorites are The World in Vogue and Vogue Living – they’re compendiums of the very best photo shoots and stories from the magazine’s last 20-ish years, and they’re utterly wonderful.

THREE. Epicé Scarves — I am completely incapable of passing up a truly extraordinary scarf – something full of detail and color, to bring some life to my daily cardigan, tee and jeans habit. Hands down, my favorites come from a Danish designer called Epicé – they’re like wearable works of art! I try to splurge on one every season. They’re tricky to find online (I just can’t resist a good fashion challenge), but Churchill has a great (if hideously marked up) selection online right now. Find a local boutique that carries these, and you’ll be obsessed in no time.

FOUR. Chanel Vitalumiere Foundation — I first tried this foundation when I was auditioning it for a feature at ShoppingsMyCardio, and I’ve never stopped using it. Back in my 20s, I always thought of foundation as too much work, and too much coverage. Fortunately, with age comes wisdom. This foundation blends like a dream – I literally just put it on right after my moisturizer, rub it in the same way, and it vanishes into my skin. What’s left? The complexion I had in my 20s…and not a trace of makeup.

FIVE. Inhabit Cashmere — Among my readers, my cashmere obsession is well known (and well-documented!). I’ve tested every line out there, and have strong opinions on each and every one. But if you’re really in it for the ultimate luxe, baby soft, toasty-warm cashmere, Inhabit is definitely the best out there. My best tip? Sign up for their newsletters – they have amazing online sales two or three times a year, and you can score pieces for well under $100 (much better than the $300-700 you’ll normally pay!).


  1. Sarah Esther  |  12 March 2010 at 7:56 AM

    I can’t wait until LOL comes to the ATL. Waiting in line… hahah

  2. Joc  |  12 March 2010 at 1:13 PM

    For those of you who do not know, Becki is the scarf snob –no nondescript, garden variety scarves for her.

    I want that necklace.

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