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As the designer of Gemma Redux, Rachel Dooley knows a thing or two about the concept of cool. An almost lawyer, Rachel decided to take a break from studying for the bar by making her first mixed metal necklace from vintage and industrial materials, and thus, launching her line.  Today, her designs have graced the necks of celebs like Cameron Diaz, Ginnifer Goodwin, Jessica Alba and Molly Sims, and have spawned devoted fans (like one of our TDO editors)! Check out what Rachel is obsessing over behind the cut.

ONE. Blue Hill at Stone Barns — this is a dining experience like no other.  I’d pick this Dan Barber spot about an hour outside of the city over all the restaurants in NYC. They use local products grown right on their farm and you’ll walk out remembering what food is supposed to taste like.

TWO. Kiki de Montparnasse lingerie — I’m not a lace and tiny bows kind of girl, so I love the slight edge of Kiki de Montparnasse.  It’s fun and pretty without being overly girly.

THREE. Gemma Redux Sunburst Necklace — I’m currently working on a small private collection and I’m obsessing about this piece so much that I can’t wait to release it.  The stone is a cross section of a amethyst stalactite – it’s just insane that this stone actually happens naturally.

FOUR. Mnemba Island — We stayed here for about a week on our honeymoon in 2008, after spending 2 weeks in Tanzania on safari.  The whole trip was insane, but this private little island is my definition of paradise.  There are less than a dozen bungalows on the island and the resort is made entirely out of recycled materials and fallen trees from the island.

FIVE. Dictator Goods – these cards are made in Brooklyn with an old letterpress and look classically beautiful at first glance, but then they have these insane quotes from dictators, warlords and just random evil people about gratitude, life priorities and work ethic.  My favorite has “The Greatest Happiness” on the front, and then when you open it: “Is to Vanquish Your Enemies, To Chase Them Before You, To Rob Them of Their Wealth, To See Those Dear to Them Bathed in Tears, To Clasp To Your Bosom Their Wives and Daughters. ~Genghis Khan”.  Hilarious.

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