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After a particularly long and stressful few months at work, I knew that my skin needed some serious attention to get it back to looking like its normal self.  I was sort of mulling over my options, trying to figure out what would be the best course of action to give it some TLC, but when I heard that Dermalogica was offering a special Spring Cleaning Treatment, I knew I’d found my answer.

Dermalogica is one of my favorite skin care destinations in Los Angeles.  (You can read about one of my earlier treatments here).  It’s located on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica, which is a great street for shopping and lunch (or even just a walk with some people watching thrown in).  Dermalogica has a big, welcoming space there – it’s all open windows and sunshine even when you’re inside, which just makes me happy.  I hadn’t been there in awhile, so I had a few cups of their special brand of tea (it’s so popular that you can even buy some to take home and make yourself!) while I filled out a questionnaire about my skin and the specific concerns I had for it.  As usual, you can pick your own kind of music for the treatment and I went for some acoustic tunes.  (Tori Amos is actually a really relaxing person to listen to while you’re getting a treatment.  Who knew?)

After I was escorted to my pod (the pods are where all treatments take place) I put on a comfy robe and slipped into a heated bed.  The Spring Cleaning Treatment starts with what Dermalogica calls the “double cleanse” method.  First, my technician Courtney used PreCleanse, an oil-based cleanser, to take off the excess oil and dirt on my skin, then she used a cleanser that she specifically picked out based on her evaluation of my skin (the Special Cleansing Gel).  She then treated me to a “Power Cleanse,” an exfoliation process that gets rid of dulling skin debris by using their Skin Prep Scrub, followed by a clearing component.  I really like the way Dermalogica exfoliates and gets rid of blackheads – they’ve perfected the technique of getting your skin amazingly clean without pain.  I’m always really nervous for this part of a treatment, but it was actually almost enjoyable.  (Well, as enjoyable as blackhead removal can be…)  Courtney then applied a customized masque on my skin – each client gets the formula that’s best suited to their needs, whether it be oiliness, dehydrated skin, or anything in between.  After the masque was removed, my fresh and glowing skin was given a layer of Solar Defense Booster SPF 30 so that when I walked out into the bright Los Angeles sun, it would be protected.

I’m usually loathe to look in a mirror when I’m done with a facial because sometimes it can be kind of scary, but what was great about the Spring Cleaning Treatment was how gorgeous it made my skin look.  I wasn’t wearing a stitch of makeup, yet I would’ve been fine running into anyone I knew because I still felt like I looked presentable.  My skin was refreshed and renewed and ready to forget about the winter and move on to the summer, which is exactly what I was looking for.

Another thing that I love about getting treatments at Dermalogica is that because you only slip out of your clothes for the facial and back into them when it’s over, you can schedule your appointment for your lunch hour or any other day when you only have a short amount of time to spare.  (The Spring Cleaning Treatment takes 50 minutes).  It’s really easy to keep your skin looking great when you don’t have to commit to a few hours at a spa to make it happen.  (I love spas, but who has the time these days?)

The Spring Cleaning Treatment is available only in the month of April for $45 at Dermalogica on Montana concept space in Santa Monica, Calif. and $65 at Dermalogica in SoHo concept space in Manhattan.  (If you visit the Santa Monica location, ask for Courtney.  She’s fantastic!)  For more info on Dermalogica, visit their website at

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