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When I think of fun, funky makeup colors, my mind automatically goes to Urban Decay.  There’s no other brand I’ve found that does bright shades with such wearability.  Even the colors I think I could never get away with are somehow possible when I try them with Urban Decay products.  And what better time to whip them out then as we head into the summer?

Two of their new offerings are both called the Summer of Love – the Summer of Love Nail Kit and the Summer of Love Shadow Palette.  The Summer of Love Nail Kit is the perfect set to bring along on all your mani/pedi appointments because if you’re like me, you constantly change your mind on what colors you’re going to wear, right up until the second the technician is staring at me with annoyance.  (There are just so many cute colors out there!)  The Summer of Love Nail Kit has 7 different shades in it, all in mini bottles that are totally portable and easy to pack.  (I especially appreciate this when it comes to nail polish because when I head to NJ to visit my family, I always want to bring polish with me since my mom and always go and get mani/pedis, but I hate packing full bottles since they don’t really fit anywhere and take up a lot of space.  These mini bottles are the perfect size to fit in my makeup bag while still leaving me enough space to pack all 47 of the eyeshadows I absolutely can’t live without).  The polishes all have fun 1960’s themed names, like Woodstock, Magic Bus, and Aquarius, and they’re almost all super fun and cheerful.  I love the way Psychedelic Sister, a bright coral, looks on my toes, and I’m going to try Woodstock, a hot pink, on my nails at my next manicure.  For all of you commitment-phobes out there who hate spending a lot of money on one bottle of polish that you know you’re never going to use up, this is the perfect investment at only $28.

The Summer of Love Shadow Palette comes in the cutest packaging – it almost makes me wish I’d been alive back in the ’60’s to experience the life of a hippie.  (But then I come to my senses because I shower like, twice a day and really hate being dirty, so there’s no way I would’ve made it.  The first time someone asked me to go four days without shampooing my hair and washing my face, I would’ve been like, “It’s been fun, but I think I need to stop being a flower child now.”).  It’s yet another one of Urban Decay’s must-have palettes.  It has four shadows in totally wearable summer shades – three neutral shades and then a pop of color with a bright purple – that lets you create several different daytime to nighttime looks.  You also get a mini Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Sin and an eyeliner in Bourbon (a great dark brown shade).  Again, I’m all about the portability and this palette is great for that with the three different products you need to create a perfect eye all at your disposal.  Just add a coat of your favorite mascara and go!

Thanks to Urban Decay, you can have your very own Summer of Love… showers included!

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