Lust ListLust List: May 2010

ONE. Michael Kors Large-face Chronograph Watch — The perfect, most versatile watch ever must be mine. Upon first seeking a “men’s watch as bracelet,” I envisioned cognac leather, gold bracelet, nylon strap … then I saw this. Lucite! Of course! I love the clean look and simplicity of it, even though it’s quite complex with its sub-dials and crystals in place of numbers. Plus it’s fancy enough to wear with a cocktail dress. Gotta love a total twist on the usual. – Charli

TWO. Turtle Island Fiji — I’m dying to go to Fiji so topping my lust list this month is a romantic trip to one of the most beautiful and exclusive destinations in the world- Turtle Island, Fiji which offers everything from dining on your own private beach  to a seaside sunrise horseback ride to deep sea sports fishing.  The private all inclusive resort island only houses 14 couples at a time in spacious villas and is nestled among the legendary “Blue Lagoon.”   Rates start well into the thousands per night so this will probably stay on my lust list for a while. But as long as I’m fantasizing…everything is possible here- even renting the entire 500 acre island!  – Carolyn

THREE. Kate Spade Carly Heels — Sequins and satin…what girl wouldn’t love these heels? You can make a statement easily with this shoe – perfect for girls like me who prefer to keep their clothes a bit more simple and amp things up with accessories. With all those summer weddings coming up, these shoes would be perfect…and I could still wear them with a cute top and jeans. Too bad they’re a bit out of my budget at $375… if anyone spots them on sale, please let me know! – Connie

FOUR. Jade Mountain, St. Lucia -– It’s only the middle of my spring quarter of grad school, and I’m already weary and tired. I’d love to just get away from it all, which is why I’ve been lusting over the Jade Mountain resort in St. Lucia. The views are amazingly beautiful, and the accommodations are referred to as “sanctuaries.” And they really are, in every sense of the word. Can you imagine walking over an individual bridge and relaxing in a private infinity pool? Apparently parts of the most recent season of the Bachelor were filmed there, but I still find it to seem really romantic. Maybe someday! – Nina

FIVE. Apple iPad — Like every new Apple gadget, if I could’ve owned the iPad the day it came out, I would’ve. Yes, I’m totally aware that it’ll probably go down in price fairly soon and I already have an iPhone and a MacBook Pro so it would be definite overkill, but I really don’t care. I want one now anyway! The screen is so crisp and clear and it would be so convenient to use when I’m traveling for all my entertainment needs. I love the way iPhoto looks on it and I can only imagine how fun would it be to use some of my favorite apps on it. (I’m addicted to DoodleJump!) Plus, who doesn’t like a shiny new gadget to play with? I definitely can’t justify the purchase right now, but someday soon, I’m going to have to find a way to bring an iPad home with me… – Stacey

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