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As many times as I’ve stalked the makeup aisles at Target, I’d never tried any of the higher end brands that in recent years have popped up on them.  I basically just stuck to my tried and true favorites that I already owned.  That is, until last week, when I got my hands on a few of the eye palettes from NP Set.  Why did it take me so long?  They’re everything that I want from a palette and in shades that no sane makeup addict could resist.

I tested out four of the palettes – Dublin, Amsterdam, Seattle, and New Orleans – and fell for them all.  (And how cute is it that they’re all named after major cities?  I love that idea).  Out of the four, Dublin was my favorite just based on the sheer gorgeousness of the shades.  There are three in each palette and Dublin has (appropriately) three incredibly pretty green shades, ranging from an emerald to a silvery-green to a deep shimmering moss.  I love, love, love the trio.  You can make the shades subtle or dramatic and they look amazing either way.

I can’t really pick favorites amongst the other three I tried because they’re all great basics to add to any eye color wardrobe.  Seattle is a trio of silvers and blues, while Amsterdam gives you three shades of plum to choose from.  (New Orleans is the most basic palette with shades of brown and coral).  All the shadows have the cutest little star design imprinted on them, too.  (I don’t know about you all, but it’s little touches like that that can really make me love a product).  And best of all, each palette is slim and easy to pack and costs only $20.  Plus, you get to take a trip to Target to check them out, which in my book is always a fun way to spend a couple of hours.  What more could you ask for?


  1. Tina  |  29 August 2010 at 3:24 PM

    Love your blog here, just stumbled across it while looking for NP online =D I LOVELOVELOVE that dublin palette as well, only none of my targets had any in stock (=boo!). I was wondering if you came across anything similar to that green in the middle, that’s my fave =D

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