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We all want younger looking skin, but how many of us actually know the science behind aging and skin? Although I claim to care about my skin, I have to admit that I definitely don’t keep up with the latest research on skin. When I was sent a copy of the book Your Skin, Younger for review, I almost read the whole thing in one sitting. Written by Drs. Alan C. Logan, Mark G. Rubin, and Phillip M. Levy, experts in naturopathic medicine and dermatology, it’s an easy and interesting read all about what it takes to keep your skin looking young–naturally.

Sun exposure and genetics certainly play a part in the visible signs of aging skin, but so do stress, diet, intestinal function, and even cooking techniques! The book suggests steaming, boiling, stewing, simmering, and poaching your food as much as possible to avoid oxidative stress and collagen destruction. These things can ultimately cause wrinkles, so the authors include recipes that incorporate healthy cooking techniques, as well as healthy skin foods. Who knew that even the color of foods has been proven to affect the aging of your skin? Your meals should always have deeply colored fruits and vegetables.

The part of Your Skin, Younger that is most relevant to my life is about stress. Studies have shown that stress compromises the barrier function of your skin, causing water loss and creating more inflammatory chemicals. In short, stress affects your skin more than you think. The authors provide tons of tips on how to reduce the stress in your life, starting with getting a good night’s beauty rest, which I am certainly taking to heart.

If you want to learn more about natural ways to get younger looking skin, be sure check out Your Skin, Younger, available for $14.95 at

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