Jewelry, TechEngaged? There’s an App for That

Ladies, to be honest here, I don’t have that much experience with getting jewelry from men–but I do have enough to know that what men think women want and what women really want don’t always sync up.  As if buying jewelry for someone else isn’t already hard enough, what woman hasn’t chattered amongst her girlfriends about “what would you do if you got an ugly engagement ring?” Yikes. I prefer not to think about that.

Luckily, the makers of some of the world’s most famous engagement rings, Tiffany & Co, now has an app for that.  Being only 25, I haven’t had much experience in the world of engagement (ring) hint dropping, but for my boyfriend’s over 30 posse, that seems to be quite a hot topic of conversation these days.  Every weekend over drinks, I hear quite a bit of discussion around, “Has X proposed to Y yet?” or, “A is really putting the pressure on B.” Etc., etc.  Last Saturday, over a round of drinks and amongst all the chit chat I finally suggested, “Really, she should just put the Tiffany’s app on his iPhone!”

The free application, available from Apple, allows men or women to browse Tiffany’s engagement rings prior to purchase.  Users can choose among many the styles offered by the jeweler including cut, color, carat, style etc and then immediately connect with a Tiffany’s consultant  (or send a picture to Facebook/Twitter/email) upon finding their dream ring.  After playing with the app for a few minutes, even my not even close to engaged self was just a tad mesmerized.  Though I will leave you with one piece of advice: should you choose to subtly download the app on your SO’s phone, I highly highly highly recommend also leaving a few “saved rings” styles in there.  Just saying… from all I’ve heard, the answer to the “what would you do if you got an ugly engagement ring?” question does not work in his favor!

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