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Care to add a little fun and pizazz to your yoga or pilates practice? Check out Plank, a Boston-based company specializing in fun yet functional yoga mats and accessories. Plank’s yoga mats are not only eco-friendly, made from 90% natural rubber and 10% recycled rubber, but are printed with “whimsical, lighthearted digital images” ensuring you’ll have the most unique yoga mat in class! I was recently gifted with the Plank version of their photo series, with a strategically placed half-eaten muffin pictured in the corner of my mat, symbolizing you don’t have to give up carbs and other indulgences to lead a healthy lifestyle- a motto which I personally live by! The thickness, cushion, and sticky feel is far superior than any mat I have as of late. Plank offers other versions of their yoga mats, as well as additional yoga accessories. As a Bostonian with a passion for a health and fitness, I’m thrilled to be able to support a local company that supports my personal interests which yoga, pilates and a green-friendly lifestyle.

Plank mats retail for $95 and can be found on their website and various yoga and lifestyle stores nationwide.


  1. Doreen Hing  |  16 July 2010 at 9:43 AM

    Thanks Sara & TDO for the sharing your love of Plank’s Yoga Mats…
    Gifting a Yoga Mat to those who love or are thinking about taking up yoga, is a great way for someone to share in your passion or vice verse…

    Lucky you & hopefully a few more folk will be lucky to be gifted a Plank yoga mat too…


  2. Grumpy Yogi  |  17 July 2010 at 7:29 AM

    Great mat!

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