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Hmm, are they jeans or leggings? I can’t decide. They’re too thick to be leggings and too thin to be jeans. All I know is that I’ve worn them almost every day for a week and I’m not going to stop anytime soon. From the founders of L.E.I., SOLD Design Lab‘s super-stretchy, pull-on skinny jeans (the “Spanx of jeans,” I’ve been told) are quite possibly the most comfortable piece of skin-tight denim I’ve ever worn. I tried a black pair of Spring Street Skinny Pull-on Jeans, a style recently seen on Cameron Diaz, and while she’s tall and leggy and I’m short and curvy, the jeans truly did conform to our body types. There’s no zipper, just a button; and pulling them on sometimes reminds me of those maternity jeans with the stretch belly on them. But who cares? They feel and look fantastic, and for $98, I can afford to get them in white too. I might even check them out in perforated leather and corduroy!

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