Celebrities, FashionBehind the Seams (Not Dreams) of Inception

Over the weekend, I finally stopped being the last person on earth who hadn’t seen Inception, and saw a Sunday afternoon show with a few friends.  I’m relieved that I can finally join in on conversations about things like tokens and concepts like “dreaming within a dream.”   If you haven’t seen it yet, I completely recommend it.

But when leaving the movie theater I had one primary thought in my head and it wasn’t dream related.  It was, “Wow, the suit tailoring in this movie is impeccable.  Joseph Gordon-Levitt and the other men in this movie have some hot looks.”  Unfortunately, since I was with straight, non-metrosexual men, this was not a topic of interest (particularly my thoughts about the hotness of JGL’s looks as he bounded around in the hotel.)  I loved how each male character in the movie had a sharply defined look that expressed an individual personality, although everyone wore suits. After the jump, check out where you can get their suits and some more details about their looks.

Saito (Ken Watanabe) and Fischer (Cillian Murphy) being businessmen, had the most “Wall Street” look of the men, with Fischer’s double-breasted navy pinstripe and Saito’s cool, sophisticated palette of silver grays.  Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) had a less corporate and more 20’s gangster look, with boxier shoulders and a less tapered body. But the guy whose style stole the show was Arthur (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), with his sharply tailored vests sans -suit-jacket, which was a perfect, modern dapper look for the youngest actor in the movie.  I liked how the costume designer, Jeffrey Kurland, played with the differences in texture and pattern, with the solid silks of the vests against the contrasting stripes and windowpane patterns of his button downs.  Jeffrey also gave him some of the most fashion-forward suit colors, like this sandy colored caramel color below, which even beautifully offset the black and white parquet floor of the hotel.

After doing some Google research, I found that one of my favorite men’s magazines, Esquire, had the details on where the suits came from, courtesy of its excellent Style Blog. The bad news is that you can’t purchase the suits anywhere, as they were all custom designed by Jeffrey Kurland, who bought and found all of the fabrics himself.  He used his custom tailor, Dennis Kim, and custom shirtmaker, Anto of Beverly Hills to make all of the looks.  I liked that his choice of costumes and suits also backed up the premise that the movie took place in the future, yet the viewer couldn’t exactly pinpoint when and how far.  The suits wore by the men weren’t indicative of a particular era or time period in fashion, which was a goal of Kurland, who stated that he tried to create a “corporate atmosphere that’s futuristic, but that you could not date.”  My hope is that along with the concept of dream-sharing, that the future also holds some serious haberdashery for women–isn’t it about time?

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  1. Diane G  |  25 September 2011 at 11:13 AM

    Where is Dennis Kim tailor location in LA? My son would like a suit made for his wedding?

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