BeautyEditor’s Vanity: August 2010

ONE. Urban Decay Baked Bronzer – I try to protect my skin as much as possible, which means that it usually stays the same shade of pasty white year round. In an effort to make it look like I actually do go outside once in a while, I use bronzer every morning to add some color to my face. For the past year or so, it’s been Urban Decay’s Baked Bronzer. It comes in three shades and each one of them blends well and looks natural without streaking. It makes me look so much healthier – without a drop of sun damage.

TWO. Rosebud Salve — When I was 15, I read a magazine article that said you should wear some sort of lip balm to bed every night to prevent your lips from getting dry. I took that advice and from about the age of 18 on, that balm has been Rosebud Salve. It’s the perfect lip hydrator – it’s super moisturizing, sheer, and not sticky at all. Since I started using it, I haven’t had chapped lips at all. Not even once (and I spent four years at college in upstate New York in subzero temperatures). I also make sure to carry it everywhere with me in case my lips are in need of some TLC during the day, which is especially easy now that it comes in a handy little tube. It’s the best six dollars you’ll ever spend.

THREE. Red Polishes — Although I like to experiment with funky, glittery shades on my toes, more often than not, my manicure consists of a red or dark shade. I just don’t love bright colors on my fingers, for some reason. (Although I have found a few that I’ll admit to falling for). One of my all-time favorites is OPI’s I’m Not Really a Waitress. Its deep, rich red has a great shimmer to it that I can’t get enough of. I’ve probably bought 4 or 5 bottles of it over the years and I almost never finish a bottle of polish. If I want to go darker, I often find myself grabbing SEPHORA by OPI’s I’m With Brad. It’s a metallic brownish-red that looks great on my nails and matches almost everything. It’s a classic look, but with a metallic twist that gives it a little bit of a funky twist. Love it!

FOUR. Fresh Sugar Lemon Eau de Parfum — I have way, way more perfumes than any one girl ever should, but of course, out of the dozens of bottles sitting on top of my dresser, there are a few that I come back to time and time again. Fresh’s Sugar Lemon is such a pretty blend of sweet and citrus – it’s both unique and instantly recognizable at the same time. I love that it’s light and not heavy at all – here in L.A. I can wear it year round – and that you can get it in a one ounce bottle that’s small enough to carry with you. I reach for it constantly, as you can see by the emptiness of the bottle. Time to hit up Sephora for a replacement!

FIVE. Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant — The first time I used a Dermalogica product, I fell totally in love and my obsession has only deepened over time. At any given moment, I have an array of Dermalogica bottles and tubes in my bathroom, but probably my favorite at the moment is the Daily Microfoliant. It’s the perfect facial exfoliator – it’s not harsh at all, but it totally gets the job done and leaves my skin super soft every time I use it. (Which is a lot, because it’s gentle enough to use every night). It’s also great for travel because it comes in a powder that turns into a thick paste once you add water, so as long as you tighten the cap, it’s virtually spill-free. I’m never without it.


  1. Lara  |  9 August 2010 at 7:21 AM

    these are such great choices! the fresh scent and rosebud salve are two of my favorite staples

  2. Stacey  |  9 August 2010 at 10:58 PM

    Thanks! I’m pretty obsessed with both of them, so it’s good to hear others rave about them as well.

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