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I used to buy Illume candles all the time, but for some reason, lately I haven’t purchased any because I’m still trying to get through the backlog of candles currently taking up way too much space in my closet.  The problem is, most of those are what I’d call summer scents, and now that we’re heading into the fall, I want to burn richer scents that make me think of autumn.  That’s where Illume’s new Modern Naturals collection comes in.  There are five different scents in the collection and they’re all perfect to bridge the transition from spending your days in the pool to dragging out the hats, scarves and gloves again.  Here are the five scents:

  • Citron Basil – Refreshing citron zest and basil leaf infused with Spanish rosemary, green hyacinth and sheer musk
  • Earth Rose – An alluring blend of sensual rose and patchouli topped with midnight jasmine and sparkling mandarin leaf and lavender
  • Persimmon & Spice – Persimmon and fresh pumpkin top this spicy blend of nutmeg and clove
  • Quince Cypress – Cypress, Siberian fir and eucalyptus are infused with quince, black currant and lime
  • White Thyme & Pear – Crisp pear and fresh thyme blended with a hint of soft jasmine and rich vanilla

I tested out the Citron Basil and Quince Cypress scents and loved them both.  Citron Basil is lighter – sort of a citrusy, spicy blend and Quince Cypress is a richer, deeper scent.  I could definitely smell the fir and eucalyptus in it, which I love, but neither was overpowering.  What’s great about these scents is that you can get them in several different sizes, from the Mini Glass Candles, which are $7 and burn for 15 hours, to the Boxed Glass Candles, which are $28 and burn for 65 hours.  They’re even available in Reed Diffusers.  (I’m a huge diffuser fan because I’m always nervous that I’ll forget to blow a candle out before I leave my place, so I feel like diffusers give me peace of mind sometimes).  I’m so ready for the cooler weather to start…

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