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When it comes to nail polish, I definitely like the bright, colorful shades that are everywhere in the summer, but my absolute favorite colors are always the ones that appear in the fall and winter.  I’m just more of a dark shade kind of girl, at least on my fingers.  (I tend to like the funkier shades, like glitters, on my toes no matter what season it is).  Essie’s new fall collection is a really interesting mix of  shades – ones that I wouldn’t necessarily have pictured together, but they really do complement each other remarkably well.

According to essie’s Founder, Essi Weingarten, she was inspired by what she saw on this season’s runways.  “This fall, designers are mixing it up, combining sheer fabric with leather along with lingerie as outer wear in deep, muted tones and bold color palettes which is very alluring.  I drew inspiration from the range of elegant, sanguine hues and camouflage tones.”  It’s so funny because normally I hate the thought of camouflage tones, but between this collection and Chanel’s Les Khakis de Chanel, I’m developing a serious love for them.  Here are the six shades:

  • In Stitches – Cheeky Blush Pink
  • Limited Addiction – Racy Garnet Red
  • Merino Cool – Sensuous Autumn Mulberry
  • Velvet Voyeur – Intense Chocolate Amethyst
  • Little Brown Dress – Beguiling Black Coffee
  • Sew Psyched – Soft Sage Pewter

Sew Psyched is a really interesting shade because it’s green without being an in-your-face green (if that makes sense).  I would wear this one on my fingers and I almost never choose a green shade for a manicure.  It’s very fall-like and almost a neutral shade to me.  Given my obsession with reds, Limited Addiction is a shade I fell instantly in love with.  It’s a creamy deep red and very, very pretty.  In Stitches looks really great with my skin tone – I’m really fair so sometimes pinks don’t look great on me, but this one works well because it’s sort of a rosy pink with a touch of purple too.  I have a ton of nail polishes and I couldn’t find one that looked exactly like this in my stash, so that makes me love its uniqueness even more.  And if you’re someone who likes super dark shades, Little Brown Dress is going to be right up your alley.  I’m so happy it’s almost fall again!

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