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For awhile now, I’ve been in desperate need of both a new iPhone case and a new laptop bag.  The case I had my iPhone in was seriously the plainest, cheapest black case ever and my laptop bag was a last minute purchase years ago right before I had to get on a flight with a new computer.  (Hence, the ugly bright orange color and bulky outside pockets).  So when I got a chance to try new ones from Agent 18, I jumped at the chance.

They sent over the FlowerVest Case for my iPhone 3GS (I’m dying to upgrade to the new iPhone 4, but AT&T won’t let me do it yet) and it’s just a really great change from my previous case.  I requested the purple and white one because I wanted a shade bright enough so that I’d be able to see it in the big bag I’m always carrying around and that totally works – no more disappearing iPhone!  The case is made out of silicon, so it’s soft but protective, and its surface stops my phone from sliding when I inevitably toss it onto the counter or put it in my pocket. (And unlike my previous case, it fits snugly, so it keeps dirt off my phone, which is key to making it last until they finally let me upgrade).  The FlowerVest Case is available in a bunch of different colors, so you’ll definitely find one that you like, and they’re only $29.95, which is cheaper than most of the other ones I was looking at.  Definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for a new iPhone case too.

Agent 18 also sent over The Stitch computer bag and it’s made dragging my laptop around with me every day infinitely easier.  Its black and white checked design has pink accents on the outside and a pink cushioned computer pouch inside, plus it has an adjustable shoulder strap for easy portability.  The inside has plenty of pockets for cords and other accessories, but they’re streamlined enough so that the bag isn’t bulky or hard to carry.  I’m so looking forward to the first time I fly with this bag instead of my previously ugly orange one that practically threw out my shoulder every time I tried to lift it.  Plus, its stylish design is so much cuter than a lot of the other computer bags I’ve seen.  Who doesn’t want to be chic while you’re toting your technology around?

To find out more about these or any of Agent 18’s other products, visit their website at

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