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It’s been raining nonstop this week in New York City, which means I’ve finally had to break out my new Sorel rainboots, the Sorellington, which I’ve been hoarding in my apartment since May! Now, I didn’t think I’d be able to wax poetic about a pair of rain boots, but these Sorel ones are possibly the best pair of rain boots that I’ve personally tried.  Unlike your typical wellies, the Sorellingtons are not too heavy or clunky and actually form quite well to your feet.  Since I’m usually changing into heels, I never wear socks with my boots which usually results in some kind of chafing, if not (horrors!) bleeding.  The Sorrelingtons, however, are made of a super soft rubber which make them extremely comfortable to wear and the heels bend with my feet to prevent any irritation.  And lastly (and the best part), the boots have built-in arch support which is so key especially if you live in a city like New York where you’re always walking.  I’ve never felt more comfortable in a pair of rainboots than my Sorellingtons!

Fall styles are now available on starting at $100 but their fun spring colors are now on sale for $82.  I’ll be rocking my green ones all season long!

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