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I’ve been looking for the perfect deep red shade for awhile now (I have several that are contenders, but I wasn’t sure they were exactly “it” yet).  My current number one choice is Illamasqua’s new Scarab polish.  It’s a deep metallic red and after my usual two coats, my nails are this gorgeous dark red with a metallic shimmer to them.  I really like it as a choice for the holidays – it’s a festive shade, but it’s also sophisticated – as much as I like glittery shades, I usually only wear them on my toes because they can sometimes seem a little too playful for adult occasions, but with this shade, there’s no such worry.  You could just as easily wear this to work as you could out on New Year’s Eve, which is a good quality to have in a polish.

I’ve only been wearing it for a couple days now, so it’s probably not enough time to give it a true wear test, but so far, so good.  No noticeable chipping at all, and I’m pretty hard on my nails during my daily routine, so that makes me very happy.  At $14, it’s not the cheapest polish, but then again, it’s not the most expensive either.  (This is how I justify most of my purchases, by the way).  If you’re a fellow red polish addict, definitely check this one out.

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