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Burlesque Courtesy Sony Pictures

Campy? Yes. Forced? At times. Entertaining? You bet.

Recently, I got a sneak peek of “Burlesque,” courtesy of Sebastian Professional, the official hair product used in the movie. (Plug: See the beautiful limited-edition box set below.) Sebastian Professional Re-Shaper is my favorite heavy-duty hairspray, so of course, I had to see what they did with the hair in the movie … asap.

Sebastian Burlesque KitI hate to have gone into the theater with low expectations, but frankly, the track record for these star-driven vehicles is not exactly well, stellar. (Remember “Crossroads” and “Butterfly”?) Surprisingly, with Christina Aguilera’s voice as the true star of the movie, I managed to ignore the film’s flaws — mostly rushed, unrealistic scenes or bits of dialogue, although there were some really witty lines and touching moments in there, too — as I anticipated her next song-and-dance number. I mean, imagine having a front-row seat and a zoom lens during a Christina Aguilera concert, complete with multiple wardrobe and hairstyle changes, and flawless makeup … priceless, right?

The urge to try all the makeup (by Smashbox Cosmetics) and hair I saw during every number was making my head spin. (Curls, bobs, bangs, updos … oh my!) There was even one scene in the movie in which I remember thinking, “Every makeup artist in the theater is getting misty-eyed right now.”

Add heartthrobs like Cher, whom I’ve always loved even more as an actor than a singer, Cam Gigandet of Twilight fame, newly minted redhead Julianne Hough, McSteamy (Eric Dane), and a bunch of flaming hot backup dancers, and it’s pretty hard to keep your eyes off the screen. Even Kristen Bell was fun to watch as a villain while Stanley Tucci was beyond lovable as Cher’s gay show runner and sidekick. Judging by the reactions around me during the movie — the adult, seemingly heterosexual man in front of me cheering at the screen while my friend sashayed and flicked her wrists to the music — I think practically everyone who sees film is going to enjoy it.

And so, for my grand finale, I must say “Burlesque” is worth the price of admission, especially for all you glamour lovers and musical buffs out there. Now excuse me while I go buy the soundtrack and look up burlesque dance classes …

“Burlesque” hits theaters nationwide tomorrow, Nov. 24. Watch the “Burlesque” trailer.

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