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Like I assume most women do, I go through phases with makeup where I’m super into eyeshadow or lipstick, and then that passes and I get a new product obsession for awhile.  Right now, it’s nail polish.  I’m not sure how long it’s going to last, but for the moment, I’m thoroughly enjoying trying new shades and getting WAY too many manicures and pedicures.  (In my defense, I like the place near me that does them and it’s only $20 for both, so it’s kind of easy to justify).  The two brands that I find myself reaching for the most lately are familiar ones, but I just love the new shades and how long lasting they all are, so I can’t seem to stop using them.

Nobody does glittery shades better than Deborah Lippman and the two new holiday colors are absolutely gorgeous.  Today Was A Fairytale is a silvery blue starlight glitter that contains Virgin Diamond Powder to make the sparkle that more intense.  It’s such a unique mix of silver and blue – it’s very celebratory and festive and will look fabulous peeking out of your heels on New Years Eve.  The other new holiday glitter is Boom Boom Pow, a gold gleam glitter that has 24K Gold Dust in it.  I used it for my last pedicure and it seriously looked like I dipped my toenails in gold.  So pretty!  And if you’re not into using glitter on your fingers, Deborah Lippman makes two of my favorite neutrals at the moment too.  Waking Up In Vegas is a putty gray creme that Lady Gaga has been spotted wearing.  It looks great on short nails, but long nails can pull it off too, so it’s very versatile.  Fashion is my other favorite neutral at the moment.  It’s a taupe cream that looks so elegant on – it’s the perfect shade because it’s work appropriate, but it would also look great for a night out.  I wore this for THREE straight manicures, which is practically unheard of for me.  It might be the first bottle of polish I ever actually finish!

The other collection I’m loving at the moment is Essie‘s Winter Collection.  All six shades are perfect for the chilly winter months, but if you like dark colors, I have a feeling you’ll be wearing them long after that.  (I know I will).  Here are the six shades in the collection:

  • Going Incognito – A deep emerald green
  • Hot Coco – A tawny sepia
  • Luxedo – A deep plum
  • Masquerade Belle – A black ruby
  • Silken Cord – A bright red
  • Smokin’ Hot – A deep gray

Smokin’ Hot is my personal favorite.  It’s the prettiest shade of gray with what looks to me like a hint of purple, but it goes on very dark, so it gives off such a sophisticated vibe.  It’s the one currently on my fingers and I’m constantly looking at it as I type.  Luxedo is another deep, dark shade that looks almost black on, but you can see the undercurrents of ruby, so it’s not too goth or crazy looking.  And all of you green lovers will definitely want to get your hands on Going Incognito before it goes away or sells out.  Love it!

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  1. kymaro  |  19 January 2011 at 9:15 AM

    Great post about nail polishes. I think a number of women go through this kind of phase and I doubt you’re alone!

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