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I absolutely adore Farmhouse Fresh because all of their products smell ridiculously good.  Like, so good that if they’re in my closet, even if I’m going in there for a totally unrelated reason, I often find myself opening their products just to take a sniff.  The deliciousness continues with their two new products – Hello! Yellow and One Fine Day.

One Fine Day is a face polish that’s perfect for when you’re in need of some exfoliation (although it’s definitely gentle enough to use every day if you wanted).  It’s a shea sugar blend and is 98.5% natural, so it’s perfect if your skin is dry or sensitive.  It smells absolutely amazing – the polish contains grapefruit and citrus oils, so the scent is light and refreshing and even a little energizing.  The polish itself is a really nice consistency – it’s strong enough to give a really good exfoliation to your face, but it’s not harsh or stingy at all.  It leaves my skin really soft and glowing.  I’ve been using it every other night for the past two weeks or so and I’ve barely made a dent in the container – you need to use so little that one jar will last you a long time.  Always nice!

Hello! Yellow is another can’t miss product.  It’s a shea butter body cream made with natural vanilla and citrus oils.  I know I sound like a broken record about these products, but this one smells amazing as well.  It’s a comforting mix of sweet and citrusy, sort of like a sugary creamsicle, and the cream is dense and rich and not at all greasy.  It comes in a display-worthy glass jar (perfect to give as a gift) and the shea and cocoa butters make it super moisturizing – great for the bitter winter months.  I’ll be using this one until I’m scraping the very last bits out of the bottom of the container!

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