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Still working on your holiday shopping list?  Or, if you’re anything like us, you’re probably always compiling a permanent “to buy” list- maybe waiting for items to go on sale, or for your next big bonus, or just waiting a few days to see if you’re still obsessed.  And when you’re ready to purchase or reevaluate, you have to go through either a million bookmarks on your browser, or re-research the store to find the crucial item.  If you’re really hardcore like me, you might even put your mom on monitoring duty.  Once, when I was coveting an Armani leather jacket and waiting for the price to go down, I enlisted my mom to log on every morning and report back the second she saw it in my size, on sale.

Now, you can store all your favorite wish list items in a central location with Rightcliq by Visa– the new shopping tool created by, (who else?) Visa.  When you’re browsing online and something catches your eye, you can now directly save it into a central location via the searchbar add on tool.  Then, when you’re ready to revisit- all your wish list items from all different online retailers are saved in one place- so you can just quickly get to making the purchasing decision without wasting all your time trying to find everything again.  Need some help making the purchasing decision?  Well, Rughtcliq also lets you crowd source opinions via your Facebook account or email.  And when you are ready to purchase, Rightcliq will even show you all the available deals (so you can stop Googling coupon codes) so you are ensured to get the best price for your purchase.  Addicted to online shopping?  Now there’s an app for that!

For more information, visit Rightcliq.Visa.Com and check out the video below.

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