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I have been craving — yes, craving! — that Anthropologie-esque smell (attributed to Capri Blue Jar Candles) in my apartment. But I was so busy last week, I didn’t get myself over to the store to buy one (and I wasn’t completely sure which candle to get, so I didn’t want to order them online just yet). Luckily, I received samples of luxury candles just in time from lifestyle & home décor expert Baroness Monica von Neumann (wife of the late Austrian Baron John von Neumann), and I really like them!

My favorite in the collection of four soy-based candles (Atlas, Savon, Fete and Modena) is Fete, which combines navel orange, Seychelles Cinnamon, Zanzibar Clove, Norwegian Pine, Indonesian Patchouli and exotic Amberwood to create just the type of sweet yet spicy, tangy scent I wanted. I was actually really impressed with the high quality of the candles (even though I tend to balk at the idea of scents like sandalwood and patchouli — which are mere undertones here). They are designed to burn for more than 70 hours without discoloring walls (big issue I have with candles), and they look chic wherever you put them. They’re definitely a must-try for the home this winter, and for cozying up with yourself or another loved one come Valentine’s Day!

Baroness von Neumann candles are available for $38.50 at and Candle Delirium in West Hollywood, Calif.

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