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I’ve been lucky enough to get the chance to visit a lot salons in Los Angeles, but one of my favorites is Warren-Tricomi on Melrose.  It had been awhile since I was there, but recently, I headed over for a cut and color and it was every bit as great as I remembered.

When you step in, the salon is immediately warm and welcoming, which makes you feel right at home.  I relaxed with a cold beverage for a few minutes and then headed over to let Kaz Amor take care of my color.  For someone so successful (he’s worked with tons of celebrities, including Lauren Conrad) he couldn’t be more chill and easy to talk to.  He’s also honest, which I love in a colorist.  I color my hair a dark brown and I’d been considering going back to the blonde shade I’d had a decade ago, but the minute I showed him pictures of what I was thinking of, he shook his head and smiled as he said, “We’re not going to do that.”  (I would so much rather have someone who knows what they’re talking about tell me that then humor me and let me end up with a shade that doesn’t look good).  I was pretty easily talked out of it, since it had really been more of a spur of the moment idea, and then I told him what else I’d been thinking of – the ombre look that celebrities like Jessica Biel and Jennifer Garner have been sporting lately.  He said that we could definitely do that, but because my hair is straight and they tend to wear theirs wavy, we would need to modify their look a little so it blended well on my straight hair and didn’t make it look two-toned.  We decided to make the two shades an even darker, richer brown than what I walked in with, and then underneath, we would do it a lighter brown, so when I put my hair up, the lighter shade would also be visible.  Kaz used L’Oreal Professionnel’s INOA color, a fairly new formula that stands for Innovation No Ammonia.  It’s a permanent hair color that’s strong enough to cover even white hair, but it’s gentle and doesn’t contain any ammonia (so no strong scent!)  When my color was done, my hair felt soft and silky, not dry like some colors can make it, and it’s holding up fantastically with barely any fading at all.  And the shades are great (there are 49 to choose from!)  Kaz picked two perfect colors for me – the darker shade is sultry and fabulous, and the lighter shade underneath blends with it perfectly – it almost looks like highlights, but totally natural.  I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out.

After Kaz, I headed over to Brandon Martinez for my cut.  Brandon is the creator of the B. The Product line, which I wrote about here.  (All the products are fabulous – you definitely must try them).  Brandon and I talked about what kind of cut I was thinking about, and we agreed that I wasn’t ready for a dramatic change (I so wish I had the nerve to cut my hair short, but every time I’m about to do it, I chicken out).  He cut four inches or so off the length to get rid of all my dead ends, then he gave me long layers, which added more volume and tons of movement, so it wasn’t lying so flat against my head anymore (a hazard with my straight hair).  I always get nervous when people layer my hair because I’ve had a few bad experiences with that before, but Brandon made it look amazing.  I swear, if I had one hair wish, it would be that I could somehow master the art of blowdrying as well as professional stylists so my hair could always look as good as it does when I leave the salon.  Can someone make that happen?

Warren-Tricomi is located at 8327 Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood.  To make an appointment, call (323) 651-4545.

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  1. J  |  15 February 2011 at 8:58 PM

    Out of the 3 salons I’ve seen you write about, Kinara, The Parlour and Warren Tricomi….which would you recommend? I’m looking for just a men’s haircut and was spoiled in NYC. For the past year I have been going to a good salon, but I never feel amazing leaving. Prior to that I went to someone that just started cutting. Only when I go back to NYC do I get a cut that is worth it. Hopefully you can help.

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