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Soyon An (pronounced “So-yawn On”) is a two time Emmy winner and has been a costume designer/stylist for American Idol, So You Thing You Can Dance and The Tonight Show. Constantly collaborating with Hollywood’s top choreographers, photographers, producers, directors, artist managers, and more – Soyon An has a finger on the pulse of what’s hot and not. Find out what she’s currently obsessing about – and then get it!

ONE. Starbucks Reusable Plastic Cup – I love that it’s got a candy cane straw and I also feel good about not wasting plastic cups every day when I go get coffee. On top of all of that, I get a 10% discount on my drink for bringing in my own cup.

TWO. Arcona Face Care – It’s all natural and because it’s made in LA, this product line understands the damage that smog and pollution does to skin.

THREE. Apple iPad – Last, but definitely not least. I love how easy it is to read and send emails, upload and email photos, download music, have meetings with portfolio and tear sheets ready to show on my iPad. Also, Angry Birds HD is great and entertaining!

FOUR. Urban Outfitters People Socks – You’ll find it in the men’s section, but it’s these funny little socks with pictures of different men. Some socks have guns holsters on the side or sushi. They’re a little big on me, but who knows…I might be starting the boyfriend sock trend [laughs]. They’re the best at airports when you have to take off your shoes!

FIVE. Le Pepe Boots – This boot is made in Italy, so the leather is great. I like that it doesn’t have a heel, which makes it super comfortable to work in and the over the knee look is sexy.

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