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One of my favorite things to do is “favorite-ing.”  I like ‘favorite-ing” blog posts, articles I read, websites…my Mozilla Favorites tab is an unorganized mess of links that I’ve saved to read later (like this week’s 25,000 word New Yorker piece of Scientology…I’m getting to it, I swear), to return to, and to recommend to friends.  I also like “favorite-ing” pictures, but I never found a good way to do it, apart from painstakingly right-clicking and saving the “liked” picture onto my computer.

Naturally, in this internet age, there is a solution to my oh-so-painful dilemma: Pinterest, an online bulletin board network, where you can share and re-pin your favorite pictures.  Pictures can be “pinned” onto Pinterest from other blog links or you can upload your own directly.  Text is light, with only a caption option, but this is a great digital way to organize and make online mood boards.  You can create any number of boards at a time, with theme ideas like “Favorite Places and Spaces”, “Home Inspiration”, and “Kitchen Adventures.”  You can browse and follow other member’s boards, to see what they’ve “pinned.”

You can browse the range of individual pictures on Pinterest in individual subjects such as Fashion, Art+Design, Food+Drink, Design, Travel, Prints and many others.  I’ve been able to find a ton of things that I’ve been visually obsessed with, such as David Yurman advertisements, pictures of old 1930’s Shanghai for mood inspiration, old Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn photos, Arthur Lindbergh photography, and some lustful travel daydreaming.  This is a great site for anyone planning a wedding, since they have an easy way to collate any of the images they’re currently feeling.  Pinterest is a members-only site, but similar to Gilt Group and other sites of that nature, you can get an invitation from an already existing member.  I love logging on during lunch and seeing what the newest “pins” of the day are.

Check out Pinterest and let me know if you like it!  And if any of you have an interest in looking at pictures of cuddly puppies, bunnies, or kittens, you can find me and my ‘Awww cuteness’  board on Pinterest.

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  1. carolyn  |  15 February 2011 at 10:49 AM

    um yeah, pinterest is basically an obsession of mine! its amazing!

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