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I can be kinda hard on my hair, what with the two showers a day (I know it’s bad to wash it that much, but I hate getting into bed feeling dirty and Los Angeles is so hot that it’s impossible not to most of the time).  Plus, I blow dry it every day and occasionally put it up, so I feel like it deserves a pick me up every once in a while.  Recently, I’ve been turning to Kerastase’s Chroma Reflect Masque whenever I want to get it back into shape.

The masque is specially formulated to bring radiance to color-treated hair, so it’s absolutely perfect for those of us who want to condition our hair without affecting the shade in any way.  It smells yummy too – fresh and clean, which I love in my hair products.  You apply it to clean, damp hair, massage it in so your entire head is covered, then relax with a magazine or a glass of wine for approximately 10 minutes while it works.  When I rinse it out, my hair is so soft and it doesn’t have a knot in it (which is really great for me because my hair knots like crazy).  Once it dries, it’s shiny and just looks overall much healthier.  I’ve been using it about once every week or 10 days or so and it’s really helped my hair get back into shape and kept it looking good.  It’s a little pricey at $58, but those of you who have used Kerastase products before know that they’re worth it.  Everyone needs healthy hair!

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