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This Valentine’s season, I’ve been to so many events with so many experts that are supposed to help us think “inside the head of a man” when it comes to dating.  Most of the girls, of course, wanted to know what kind of look attracts guys- and the answer that I heard over and over again, is that guys love romantic yet natural, wavy hair.  The good news is, that is also my favorite look- and one that I’ve spent the bulk of my adult years trying to achieve.  Luckily, I finally came across my holy-grail hair tool this past year- the T3 Twirl 1.25″ Curling Iron– which has really just made my hair life so much better!

The key to achieving loose romantic curls is to get a big barrel iron and the 1.25″ is perfect for anyone with shoulder length and longer hair.  Not only do I have a hard time wrestling with a thinner barrel, but I really don’t like the look of too tight curls which just feel artificial to me.  Plus, it always adds this weird kind of volume to my hair, so I’m flat on the top and extra curly on the bottom. Dislike! The 1.25″ size creates loose, just right curls.  In order to prevent them from looking too “done,” I simply switch up the direction of the rotation with each section.

What I love most about the T3 Twirl is how evenly and quickly it heats up and then how smooth it is to pull through my hair. My biggest challenge with irons is that I get that “crimp” effect at the ends because it’s so hard to tug through my hair.  The T3 Tourmaline infused, Ceramic and Silver barrel is incredibly smooth and pulls through hair easily but with enough tension that it doesn’t just slip off the ends where you want it to grasp. I have no problem getting the iron just where I need it and thanks to its swivel cord, it’s super easy just to twirl clockwise or counterclockwise- producing bouncy curls which ease into nice waves. No drama, no tangled mess, no fizz.

Trust me, before the T3 Twirl I was unable to curl my hair but even since the first time I used this product, it’s consistently been good results! Photo evidence below. Plus it’s a wonderfully fun and girly shade of pink which looks great in my batroom as well. Pick it up now from Sephora for $99.

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